[EU] Looking for a friend



Just started myself. Just playing for fun and banter.



Looking for a friendly community of gamers to play Overwatch and more, then look no further!

We’re composed of players from across the globe and are all friendly and helpful if you’re new.

What you do need to join?

  • A copy of Overwatch downloaded on PC

  • Discord downloaded

  • Headset with a working mic

  • Basic understanding of English

  • Friendly demeanor towards other players

  • Be able to take orders and play as part of a team

If you feel you might be a good fit then send me a friend request and i’ll invite you to join our Discord server to meet the guys.


Looking for the same thing I guess. Play mostly Lucio and Orisa.

You can add me Gimli#1924


Heyy I’m always open to meet friends.
WiseCloud#2523 is my main acc :slight_smile:


Hello! I would like an Overwatch friend too :slight_smile: Desp#2395