[EU] [Plat Team] nvision


nVision(2.7k - 3.1k SR range) -
Is a fresh new team looking for players & coaches that are willing to commit to the team and to improve.
-18+, working mic is a must.
-Roles that are open;

-Main tank (targetcalling)
-Off-tank (very good with dva is a +)
-Off-support (ult-tracking)
-Main support
-DPS Player


Hi there,

I’m a support main (played more projectile heroes this season). Most playes Supports are Mercy, Lucio, Moira. currently at 2,7k SR peaked 2,8k this season.

Sent you a request on Battle net if it did not work here is mine Arygos#21222.



I have close to 1000 hours on the game and mainly play tanks.
sr is 3K… play most evenings



I can play both off and main support, good ult tracking. I can also flex dps/offtank if needed for funky comps. Im around 2800 sr atm. Im vocal and have scrim experience.

btag: xoxo#21109


bump still lf players!


i play around 2750 Sr atm.
Healer main/off
can also flex on off tank (but not the best dva in the world tho)
feel free to add my new acc.: