Every overwatch game ends the same

Every overwatch game ends with someone picking Hammond and just spinning on the point and its getting boring.

You either need to lock characters 1 minute before the end or make it so he can’t spin an unlimited amount. The tactic feels cheap and undeserving.

Delaying with Tracer and Mei feels somewhat better because you have to be skillful to do it because you have to have good positioning with your blinks or ice wall and you have less health.

A literal tank with a large health pool spinning on the point is rewarding players for a relatively low skill tactic

Yeah I sort of agree, I see this happen most games. Maybe what they should do is add a time limit to the spin so you can just do it forever lol.

I tend to bring out Brig if I am support when i see this happen. But what with stuns being cut down or removed from the game for OW2, will have to see how it plays out when it’s released.

Welcome to a game all about counterpicking.
Psst - pick a stun hero, youre welcome.

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Please, this is really quite simple.

If they are spinning round a payload; simply mount the payload, spin in a circle slightly ahead of his momentum, hold fire. Yes, you may need a high sens or a decent sized mousepad, but that’s on you. I can spin 360s fine. It’s not even a fast spin, when you’re at the centre of the fulcrum.

If he’s spinning round a point, say Control Centre or Garden on Nepal. Then simply move near the centre of the point, which usually is cover from the other half of the point. And track 180 half circles as he spins round your side and fire. You WILL NOT get hit by his spin because you’re too close to it’s centre.

How people cannot execute these utterly simplistic maneouvres is completely beyond me. Especially the first one. I swear I could teach a monkey that behaviour, yet some grown adults cannot turn a circle and fire at a moving target reliably.

Wrecking Ball should never kill anyone will a spin/top speed slam. It should be all piledrivers and LMB to finish.

Also, counterpicking was mentioned. If for any reason the above is just beyond you. Just pick Mei. Or Sombra. Or Roadhog. Or Moira.

people don’t get it, it’s a lame tactic that works way too well for how easy it is to do.

i mean really are you going to run back and counterswap a hammond pick when there’s 10 seconds left til overtime when it’s only the hammond left spinning on the objective?

it’s just one of those overwatch things, either you embrace the BS or you get out and keep your sanity.