Fair matchmaking

When you play on console you almost never get even teams because of the levels and expierence, maybe add a option: you have to wait longer but have a fair match. If i’m right it is already on pc so maybe add it to console.

when you play on PC, you almost never get Even teams because 1 team has 3 GM smurfs carrying their silver mercy main friend, and the other team has 4 bronze Torb mains


That’s statistically very rare.


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GM are 1% of the population. in fact as a GM you often play with a bunch of masters in ranked since there are very few GM players, so yes it’s statistically very rare to cross path with an actual GM smurf deranking in lower ranks.

From my experience it’s usually plats/diamonds that derank, GM smurfs are in master/GM.

I could link a video to explain the whole thing but I posted it a bunch of times already and people just choose to ignore it :man_shrugging:

Happens alot on PC too… I’ll be on my team of bronze 4 star and below level players, the other team is either all brand new no star players that steamroll us because, beginner’s luck (smurfs) or the other team is all silver and gold level players grouped up. bUt YoU aRen’t ALoWeD to LEavE bEcAUsE thAt IS CHeAtInG!

yeah i mean i always get into a team with level 10, 5, 25 and i can tell they aren’t smurfs/alts whereas the other team is full of 4 stars and silver portraits

Are you sure we’re playing the same game?