[Fan-made] Zarya animated short – the text version


Hello, my name is Eduard. Some time ago i thought i’d like to make a Zarya cinematic. I’ve decided to make a storyboard first, with a keyframes. But, sadly i totally suck at drawing :frowning: But i didn’t want to stop there, so i’ve made a text version, describing scenes and camera angles. Focus your imagination, turn on some Russian anthems on background (or Red Alert 3 theme for example) and enjoy the read :smiley: And yes, sorry for my English, you can fill free to point on the grammar moments. :=)

  Title: **"First Fight".**

Camera floats through the snowstorm, it can hardly see anything due to the heavy blizzard. Camera slowly moves forward. You hear muffled sounds of distant explosions and gunfire. Flashes of firefight and distant explosion spheres begin to appear far into the snowstorm.
The voice of an adult Zarya begins the storytelling :

My father always told me, that Russians never surrender…

You hear muffled sounds of distant explosions and gunfire. Flashes of firefight and distant explosion spheres begin to appear far into the snowstorm.

We can fall down, but we never fall to the knees…

We can see a broken tank inside a snowstorm. The brightness and density of explosions intensifies.

Father… on this day, I cannot see the way for us to win this war…

The camera charges through a snowstorm and hovers over a large battlefield. Explosions, trenches, pieces of dirt flying all over the place, thrown by numerous nearby explosions. Several huge robot-omnics and “bastions” are attacking the defensive positions. Camera follows a young woman-soldier who run among the trenches, she is heavily panting, a number of bullets fly past, throwing pieces of ground on the woman-soldier. She carries a large shell for an artillery gun. On the background we can see a huge robot-omnic with four spider legs, he begins to focus it’s beam. The artillery gunner shouts to the woman-soldier :

Bring it! Faster!

A robot’s beam melts an artillery gun. It explodes. The woman-soldier falls down. Above her head flies a fighter jet. It fires it’s machine-gun targeting the huge robot-omnic. Camera takes a view from the pilot’s cockpit. He is wounded, the oxygen mask is removed, we can see blood stream flowing down from under the helmet, flooding his left eye. The pilot presses the gun-trigger, but the screens in the cockpit shows that the ammo is at zero capacity and the fuel is at the critical level. The pilot looks at the monitors with his unstained eye. He frowns and the camera shows his hand close-up, he squeezes out speed lever to the max. The camera shows the fighter jet making a direct run at the huge robot-omnic. We can seen fighter jet crashing into the robot at maximum speed. Camera shows the crash from a far distance. The camera changes focus and we see a wooden hut. Camera moves backwards and we see the jet crash from inside the house (through the window). Camera slides further inside; we see a commander-general; he stands in front of the intercom system. The commander-general shouting to his superior-commander through the intercom system :

We need reinforcements, NOW!

Negative! Omnic’s armies are pushing us on all fronts.

The camera moves back and changes the focus. We see a part of the table, on which there is framed photo. On this photo we see the commander-general in civilian clothes with two children in his arms. One of them is a white-haired boy with an ushanka-hat (he looks smaller and slightly younger than a little Zarya), and the second one is little Zarya, we can recognize her by the color of her hair, her hair style and one-sided scar on her forehead.> <The commander-general’s voice on a background :

We’ve got civilians in the city! If we fail here they are all gonna…

<The camera moves from the photo on the table to an identical photo in the hands of a little Zarya. The camera shows a bomb shelter, bare walls and weak light. Women hug children trembling in their arms with fear. Each explosion followed by a piece of plaster falling from the ceiling. Little Zarya looks at the photo and then looks around with concern.>

Nikolai? Nikolai where are you?

Little Zarya looks at the woman and then quickly looks at the photo in her hand. For a second her face reflects fear, then doubt, and finally - determination.
Little Zarya shouts :

• I will find him!

In a second before the iron door of the shelter closes shut, little Zarya manages to jump out through the tiny opening. The camera follows her and at the last moment camera shows the people who left in the shelter.> <Voice on a background :

• Sasha, no!

The sound of the voice cuts off when iron door of the shelter closes in front of the camera. A little Zarya runs in trenches, the camera follows her with a view from behind. Soldiers are running around, someone is carrying wounded soldiers, others are carrying ammunition. On the background, we can see large cannons, tower-turrets and fighter jets in the sky. Little Zarya sees a wooden command-house on the hill. There is Nikolai (boy from the photo) at the entrance door, he is shouting something to the commander-general and the commander-general is shouting something in response, but due to the surrounding noise Zarya cannot hear anything.
Zarya shouts with happiness :


The boy and the commander-general suddenly look sharp into the sky. The camera from behind Zarya looks in the direction of their views. We see a huge robot-omnic he covered in smoke and falls dead directly to a wooden command-house on the hill. The commander-general pushes Nikolai aside and they are immediately covered in a cloud of smoke and snow. Little Zarya runs onto the hill. She sees Nikolai under the rubble. She is trying to “clear up” the blockage. She struggles with all her might and tries to lift the iron beam, but she is a small and weak child. A small, but sharp piece of iron falls down, and makes a new wound on Zarya’s forehead (just across the old scar), forming a cross-shaped scar.
Nikolai whispers :

• It’s okay, Sasha, just run…

Little Zarya wiping the wound and trying to lift the beam one more time. Little Zarya :

• We do it together!

And suddenly the beam rises up. Little Zarya is surprised at first; she thinks that she lifted the beam herself. Then she looks up, the camera goes up and shows Zarya from below. Zarya and Nikolai are looking up. The camera moves further away. The huge mechanized-walker Svyatogor easily lifts the beam with his left hand. In the right hand (on the open palm) of Svyatogor stands Katya Volskaya. In one hand she has a loudspeaker and a flag in another hand. Her image is similar to the image from the statue on the Volskaya Industries map. The rays of the sun break through the snow clouds, creating a golden aura around Katya. Her hair is flapping in the wind. She brought hope and salvation. On a background we see fighter jets and soldiers go into battle.
Katya :

Raise your heads brothers and sisters!

This is not the day we fall!

Camera looks at Katya. On the background we see several Svyatogors, they are fighting with omnics. One of the Svyatogors knocks down the huge robot-omnic on the ground with a mighty shoulder-hit. Little Zarya hugs Nikolai, he is alive and is also looking up at Katya. We see a happiness in the children eyes. We hear the voice of an adult Zarya again :

That day we stood together and we’ve won…

No matter how hard it was, when we are united we can do anything.

The image of Katya with the flag, standing on the hand of Svyatogor, smoothly freezes. She’s turning into a statue on the Volskaya Industries. The adult Zarya stands at the entrance of the museum and looks at this statue. Voice of an adult Zarya :

Just like you always told me father…

Zarya goes to the museum, the camera shows several posters. We see a poster with an adult Nicolai and adult Zarya with underline “Our future!”. Camera stops on a poster with the image of Zarya and the inscription in Russian - “Together we are strong.”

Voice of an adult Zarya ends the narrative :

Together we are strong.

Thank you very much for reading this :=) You people will make me really happy if you leave a comments and your thoughts here. I know this text looks big and normally the cinematics are 7-8 min long. But we have a lot of the description of the frame, it can take a lot of time to read it, but in action it can take just 5-10 seconds. I think maybe you have some questions. For example: “maybe we need to stay with Zarya the hole time in a cinematic?” Maybe. But the morality of this cinematic is on the poster - “together we a strong”. In this case it is important to show other people who struggled. And it is very important to show those people very close. The woman-soldier was important, the pilot was important, the general was important and people in a bomb shell was important to. In Overwatch lore the omnic war in Russia was inspired by the WW2 and I’ve tried to keep this atmosphere which i saw in a Russian war movies. One of the things I really like is a moment when Zarya tries to lift the iron beam, but can not because she is weak. In this moment she gets a second scar on a face, and scar on her heart. At this moment she understood that she is weak. And after that she wants to become strong and have a strength to protect everyone.