First placement limit

Hello there. A friend of mine has just bought a new acc and there is a controversy on highest possible rank he is theoretically possible to get from the first placement taking into account tryharding qp to reach 25 lvl and great placement games. I’ve found a lot of examples where players got masters with insanely good skills, but friend claims that there is a strict limit of 3k sr now for the first placements and that my examples are outdated. Does anyone know if this is true and where proof can be found?
I am not sure if it is important since we’re speaking here about theoretical highest possible rank, but friend’s main is low grandmaster.

Highest rank you can get after placements is 3900 SR, as mentioned in recent changes:

Beginning with Season 23, the maximum Skill Rating (SR) earned after a player completes each season’s placements has been capped at 3900 SR. Players are still matched with other players of similar skill, as we want to keep matches as fair and fun as possible. As each player participates in more games during the current season, their SR will slowly rise to reach a value that fully reflects their current skill.

This change is intended to address many of the issues that SR Decay tried to fix, but in a more positive manner that rewards staying active and playing more games instead of penalizing players for not playing enough. Achieving a very high SR at the end of a season can no longer be achieved by completing a mere five placement matches. This does mean you may see larger SR differences between all the players in a very high SR match than in previous seasons, as two similar and highly skilled players might have different SRs based on how many games they’ve played during the season.


So there is no hidden limit for the first placements with new account but 3900?

Correct, that should be the case.