Fix heroes/characters

Hot takes on Bastion,Brig,Junkrat,Orisa & Phara?

Much a take on these heroes/characters
Any I missed that are broken?

Fix em or not
Leave em?

Broken as in bad or overpowered? Because Brig and Orisa are pretty weak. The rest are basically fine.

Sounds to me like a list of heroes that you find difficult to play or play with?

Or is this a list of heroes you find difficult to counter?

Please be more clear when asking for advice.

Brig and Orissa are weak?

That is certainly an interesting take.

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Thats the point, we don’t know if OP is saying they are weak or strong. ‘His’ opinion is totally occluded. He’s either complaining that those characters are too Weak or he’s complaining that those characters are too Strong. Does he have a point or at least a Point of View? NOBODY KNOWS!

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I’m assuming Anon is refering to those heroes being ”too good”, that is usually what people mean when they say ”broken” over the internet.

As for your question, all of them except perhaps Pharah and Orisa are fine according to me.

Pharah is in my opinion too easily shot down by certain heroes. It feels to me as if she moves slower in the air while using her jetpack, than what heroes move while on the ground. It’s to me not a question of ”having to manuever better in the air to dodge bullets”, it’s rather again that she moves slower while airborne.

For Orisa I think that she perhaps have a tiny bit too low health. Damage dealers like Mccree, Ashe and Widow for example can take her down with just a few headshots. But then again she does have a good shield with high damage absorbtion with a relatively low cooldown, that is probably why her health is lower than other tanks.

You’d think they wouldn’t be the least picked healer and tank if they were strong.

There is a difference between hero being played badly or wrong in low ranks, to hero being “weak”.

No one at any rank is playing them, they’ve been utterly gutted by unnecessary nerfs. I guess maybe you think even GM players don’t understand them?

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If they are playing double bubble (a very common comps in the highest ranks) The will be playing Brig Ana.

If the are playing double shield (possibly the most common comp) they will have Orissa Sig Brig Bap

Because, playing these heroes correctly, makes them extremely strong in these comps.

“Playing them correctly” = 6 stacking with 5 other professional players for 8 hours a day until you can make it work.

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You can’t 6 stack above 3900.

How do you know, you’ve never been there. :c

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Lol it says so in game.

And you can watch streamers.

Come on, even for you that was a poor attempt to try gaslight the situation.

0/10 on the troll board.