Fix the Hanzo bs please

In our match 6 times in a row their Hanzo just randomly “head-oneshot” one of us across the map despite us sticking with our tanks.

Needless to say most of these shots do not by a far stretch qualify as actual headshots but were like half a meter next to our heads.

Is it really REQUIRED to run shield tanks and stay behind them all the time as soon as the enemy team has a Hanzo?

Please fix this bs character.

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The hit box you’re seeing is due to ping.

As with playing against any sniper. LoS is your best friend and worst enemy.

Look at your positioning instead. Be more self critical.

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Thanks, sherlock. My ping is 18 ms, I’m well aware of los and positioning.
It’s nice to “give tips” but just flooding the forum with beginner-level opinion/tips because, as it seems in your case, you feel you must pathologically comment on every forum posting is not recommended because like in this case it is just spam even if well-meant.

If you are part of Blizzard staff and it’s your job to play down every single criticism on the forum though, as it also seems you’re doing, just say so right away. I don’t know if you gain anything for your ego mass-spamming standard “oh just improve, it’s your own fault” snippets but it’s definitely unwelcome clutter.

Lol cute. Just because your ping is relatively low, doesn’t mean the hanzos is.

If you walk into spam, expect to get clipped.

People moaning about this stuff are usually completely unaware it is most their own fault.

Wrong comp, wrong pathing, not paying attention are usually the things to blame. Not the game.

Being toxic because you don’t like the answer is never a good look.

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The only one being toxic here is you with what is called “concern trolling”.
Also you’re just baselessly spouting assumptions without even having experienced the situation. I don’t know why mods haven’t banned you for mass-spamming yet really.
It seems you basically derive your complete existance just from telling people on Blizzard forums how you know it all better than them.

Provide the game code and let the ladies and gentlemen decide if it’s the game. Or gameplay at fault.

Someone woke up today and chose rage lol.

If you don’t like someone’s answer you can just ignore it you know lol.

Oh god I just noticed you’re 2100 dps… sorry I’m not gonna reply to you anymore, I should’ve checked this earlier.

Haha. Rank shaming now.

I guess that explains a lot. Being plat and all, I bow down to your superior knowledge…

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Yes, it explains that you suffer from dunning-kruger and talk a lot down on everyone while having no actual clue of what you are talking about… look it up.

Is that where I look at my own gameplay for reasons why I suck, instead of deflecting blame on to anything and everything else?

Maybe pass your query on to a T500 player and see what response you get… I will put money on it being some variation of you need to improve.

Grats to 2500 spam posts dude… please keep going…

Edit: And no, you’re not gonna become MVP any time by this, lol.

Lol. Not sure what your toxicity is trying to achieve. But good luck to you

As I said, the only one being toxic on the forums is you for telling everyone how you know-it-all and they suck. But this is getting repetitive, I understand you pathologically NEED to do this because it’s your live or something…
Easy to recognize when even if someone tells you he doesn’t need your advice you keep blabbering away because you cannot do anything else.

Do you do this irl too to everyone and keep running behind them “but but dont be toxic hey let me tell you how i know it all better” actually?

Keep going Dr.

Or you could put this energy into reviewing your game.

no one said it was your ping that was the issue.

thats not how spam works my man.

its kind of true though. hanzo isnt exactly strong right now. 6 times in a row someone dying ot a subpar dps pick is not an issue with the hero but the players. you want better players? get better and climb.

thats just not true. you called the man out for spamming simply because you didnt like his advice. lets not forget that you literally responded with

toxic might be a stretch but your 100% provoking a retaliation.

you failed to provide a way for anyone to experience the situation.

I take it back. toxicity was the right word.

rank shaming too? from a plat? come on now… if youre gonna rank shame at least be above average.

you really dont see how you are the toxic one here?


you start the post with bs words and call other people toxic .maybe start looking at yourself .


nothing u can really do about those bs headshots since its due to how blizzard made their clients and server interact, they have a whole video on it and they use that as an example of how it works

best choice isn’t a shield tank. Ask for a Dva or a Winston that can jump on the sniper and kill him easily.
Don’t ask for fix if you don’t know how to counter in first place

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Bro stop wasting time on this utter shet! game gonna die soon anyway