Forced win rate is obvious, because

the simple fact that if you are bronze / silver, having 4 wins in a row, you never get to play the fifth game against players in your current bracket.
Instead, for 4-5 games in a row, you are thrown into absolute garbage teams with bots and fresh players, against full plat teams, sometimes even premade plat teams.

So my question is:
How does that make sense?


MM has been known across players that it is broken, and no where near the quality of what OW was.

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Yep… I go from 4 wins 1 loss to 5 wins 7 losses every bracket. MM is trash and rigged.

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It’s not rigged. That’s never been a thing.

Trash? People seem to only think they when they are losing, so who knows

Hello again Mr SmallPackage.

You seem to believe that everything a game company does, is only to make all their players happy, and that creating, and launching a game like OW, has nothing to do with financial gains or growth.

That, unfortunately, makes you a very positive, but confused individual.
I can assure you that all gaming companies with games like OW, constantly optimize their games to increase revenue. And if that means making bully fodder out of low ranks, then so be it.


Lol. Literally never said that, or even hinted that. This is a threat about the completely bogus conspiracy that forced win rates are a thing.

Also. please stop necroing posts.

Okay, I’ll give you a fair chance here.
Explain what you base your statements on, share proof and sources that supports your statement. Why are you so sure that there are/were no such thing as forced win rates?

A piece of advice boy, check who created the post you are commenting on, before you throw cool terms you just learned.

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The originator of the post is irrelevant. Forum rules. No bumping dead posts, ie nercroing.


They talk about forced win rates here… But, I don’t except you to take the actual Devs word. I expect you to make some quip about them “lying” when they were a child or something to give yourself a reason not to. You know, standard conspiracy theorist behaviour.

And yes, I can stand jay3 either, which makes it an annoying watch but all the information is there.