Fps Issue GTX 1080, I7 7700K, 16GB RAM


At the beginning of 2018 I used to have a stable 280 - 300 fps in game in overwatch. But lately I see it fluxuating between 110 - 240. This is ofcourse still enough te play the game smoothly, but since I have a 240HZ monitor it is quite annoying to me. I just dont know why it is happening because I play on low settings and just 1080p and I have the latest drivers installed. When I check my temperatures, I see that my CPU and GPU are just barely being tickled, they are not at all on heavy load. Please help me to resolve this problem

Thank you!


Same Issue here.
Christmas update I was on a stable 300 FPS,
Now I barely tickle 200.
Ryzen 2600x
16GB DDR4 2400
RX Vega 56
Can we please get this fixed? It’s not an uncommon issue.


Try to run borderless windowed mode ingame, that did eliminate my recent fps drops.