FPS Locked at 30 then drops


So, got an update today. Last night I was avg what I normally get on OW 200+fps. Today, I log on and when I choose a hero FPS drops below 20-30. When I move it drops to 10-14 fps. I have tried uninstalling, deleting cache, disabling game bar, turning on game mode in win10, and tried looking up fixes on my own. I have also updated all my drivers, rolled back drivers and same issue arises. This is my dxdiag and MSinfo below both through pastebin. (I can’t add links to post apparently.)



Thank you!

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Oszy, your file is truncated - could you please upload the full version? If it doesn’t fit in Pastebin, scroll down to the last category which will be Windows Errors and remove everything after the first 15-20 lines of that section and save your file. This should allow you to re-upload it.

What did you try already? Are you referring to troubleshooting steps here by any chance? If not, please list the ones you tried and make sure the ones in our support article are covered. :slight_smile:

Note: it seems you are using a double monitor setup - please disconnect one completely and see if you notice an improvement.

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