Free Bronze-Diamond Coaching(PC)

I offer this from time to time, particularly when I notice an influx of people complaining about competitive, it’s current state and the ability to climb.

I’m not a company or service or some “gotcha”, I’m simply offering free coaching sessions with anybody with real desire to climb.

We can go over all the basics, run through some QP games, and maybe even some VOD reviews. I started the game last year, starting off high silver / low gold, and I float around Diamond now with a solid understanding of the game.

Please comment with your
Server (I’m UK but can play with east coast US and EU)
Your rank
Your main hero

I appeal to people that are willing to put real time and effort into approving, Not 5-6 hours a week players, but a couple hours a day.

MozartsGhost #21337

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Bronze 1243
Bastion (Rein secondary)
My Discord is Jess#8981, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

2907 current, 3200 high
NA (East)
Flex - strongest hero is probably hog or zen
Disc is CAKE_sup#9558

Silver, 1511 current, 1784 high
Dva, Roadhog, and Sigma
DIscord: Devil’s Advocate#2427
Tag: lie#11550

Just in case you ever feel like doing this again:

Gold 2210 currently (if I remember correctly), 2416 highest
btag: sweetsforme#2522