Full banned after playing too much in Gauntlet mode on the last day of Season 10

20th june 2024, i tried hard with friends on grinding the Gauntlet mode to get that 5000 Rounds challenge title and after that, my account got a full banned
I don’t tent to use vc or toxic in chat so I’m very unsure why something like this is happened ?
I’m also unsure on how ill find out why I’m banned ?

and the notice email i received say no details about the reason why i get banned and what did i do,
I get banned just because of playing to much this incoming discontinued mode to complete that hardcore challange on that last day of Season 10 aka last day before that mode removed.

is this a road of a totally destruction of my OW career ?!

Nah. You’ll of been banned for something else.

Are you by chance playing on console?

i played on PC only.

Then my suggestion is to keep appealing. Eventually they will give information.