Game crashes all the time

After the last update every time i go in profile career - history tab, the game freezes and crashes. Every. Time.
Also just got crashed right in the middle of the match. Tried to check game files - didnt worked, the problem is still there

Same here, I just started having issues with OW2, the game crashes every few games (for me it’s worse, because it’s while playing comp). Don’t understand the whole system of even if I rejoin, perform well and win the match why is it still counting as a loss and banning me… My game crashed after a guy DC’d and joined… It’s been happening ever since the start of the new season. Now I’m banned for 1 hour… If I rejoined, won, why penalize me with a loss? It’s been happening a few times, I’m up to 1 hour, when it was 10-15 minutes before… Why is it my fault the server crashed my game and my computer?