Game matches you with bad teammates if you don't put money in it

Tried it out with multiple accounts now. They give you toxic teammates after ~100games if you don’t buy anything. This is a system designed to drive non paying customers away from the game. Makes sense but still BS IMO

No it doesn’t.

Erm, padding this out to meet limit.

I’ve gotten very few openly toxic teammates when looking at the amount of matches i’ve played. (Never bought anything)
Some days you get more and some days less.
The only thing we can do about them is to report and move on.
(I don’t know if some ranks have more toxic people than others. It’s more likely to do with the time of day and week not to mention luck that you don’t end in the same team)

Well you just posted a lie, so no I’ve not done what you claim. Just simply corrected you.

Don’t get tilted over a video game.

Also, don’t blame toxicity on the game. That’s a decision the player makes

Ignore the Wipe bro :wink:

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