Game was force closed - due to Blizzard authetication issues = SR Loss + suspension

So now your servers are down due to authentication reasons, and my game is force closed and you see fit to punish players due to your complacency? Jeeez, sort your game out!

Servers crashed. Nothing they can do.

The SR loss is a bummer. But you’ll get it back quickly!

Yeah it’s not right, they should give you the SR back but then it’s hard to tell if it’s a server fault of the client.

Was server.
But servers are external, so SR loss isn’t something that’ll be overturned.

We were kicked right in the middle of the comp match, our game was labeled as inconclusive, and we didn’t lose any SR.
But then the next loss after that had larger SR loss than normal, so we may as well lose double SR XD

Oh well. Just win the next 2 and you’re evens. Seeing as the games should be easier after an artificial derank. Should be no problem for you.

Got to love the Blizzard team though. Not even bothering to provide updates on the issue or provide RC/ no attempt to return losses at all, zero apologies.
Careless and incompetent.

Comms were poor. But it was out of office hours in US so that might play a part.

The servers are not owned or operated by them, so if they died, whilst no one was working, not sure what their OOO protocols are, but maybe the right people didn’t know? Who knows, I am sure there is a reason.

As for refunding SR, they probably should, but as servers are external, as far as the game is concerned it will be no different to your router dying at home. So it might actually be a lot of work to figure out what was lost. Or maybe someone got booted just before losing, how much SR do you give back.

There is a lot to figure out, and it has only been 24hours, and they are still having small issues.

There are resources which you can google in 10 sec to check whether there are some global issues with the game. As for return loss… the loss is so small that the cost of resources needed to give back everyone few SR is much grated than the actual loss, so they probably decided that it’s simply not cost-effective to build some sort of subsystem just to give people back few SR.

It has happened quite a few times the last couple of days. :<

Weeks even.

I’ve had the application randomly close at least 3 times this month. Hopefully they are on the case.

You already had your say, why do you feel the need to be the last to post on everything? What is wrong with you.

Why are you so rude. Literally no need to behave like that. All I did was give my experience.

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