Game went from exciting to annoying


So I had been playing OW since the release and then stopped when I realized that there are too many smurfs and target locking soldiers in game.

A couple of weeks ago I returned and nothing has changed.

In every single game there is a machine gun hero auto aiming, target locking on me, even when playing Genji and double leaping like crazy. Now, spare me the bullcrap about them being incredible when aiming, because some things are just not possible. I have kept replays and highlights with people jerking from one target to the other, even if that one is behind them and out of sight.

I’ve been reporting and reporting in game though it’s still the same.

If Blizz can’t do anything to arrest the issue, then there is no point in playing. Games are meant to be fun…this just ain’t anymore.

I get it that some players are extremely talented in these games. But in every single match you see UNREAL stuff… Using the hook with Widow to get to higher ground and getting shot continuously by Soldier mid-air is just not possible! Then the same Soldier locks on you (without his ulti) while leaping with Winston? Cheers! I’m out!


Okay, any replay to show us as proof? People report me for aimbotting all the time. Some just can’t handle that others are actually better than them at the game.


This exactly.

An enemy aimbot in every single game is just not possible. This guy must be low Bronze if he thinks that’s the case. Matter of fact, when I imagine someone thinking there’s an aimbot in every single game, it makes me laugh pretty hard. This is just pathetic.

Sorry bud but this is a major l2p.


The fact that you have plenty of replays of people apparently cheating but didn’t even post one is questionable. Takes a couple minutes to upload a small replay clip to youtube


lol @ reporting a gold player for being too good


Maybe you just need to git gud. I never reported a single person for cheating or hacking because they aren’t. They just spent countless of hours improving their mechanic skills and even start the day with half an hour warmup before they start to play. You come here with skipping some years from ow and you pissed off that you suck that is because you suck.
Just go play something else and don’t whine here.


Kind of off-topic reply, but not sure how aim-bots are relevant in current double-shield meta. Aimbots for junk, hanzo and pharah must be quite sofisticated if they ever existed and others are straight line shooters. I can imagine macros on mouse can feel like cheats. When you press 1 button and Doomfist runs whole sequence of trash in right order with right timing and all you need to do is to aim on something at the right time :slight_smile: I’m not using that, but how is this thought trough?


So basically, I need to “l2p” and “git gud” and be gold or higher in order to spot a cheater?

Yet somehow you were all able to figure out that I can’t play because you read a text I wrote?

What kind of brains you got there? 6 year old’s? You 're a joke rly!


Lmao, what? A lot of us come from long time in other FPS, soldier is basically like unreal tournament.


Noone is extremly talanted in this pile of u know what.

Well i just won like 10 games in row day ago without even trying u know why? Because i was banned and got new account, and that is very usual Situation in overwatch, some of my Friends even run multiply accounts because they get banned like super easy (not for cheating but for triggering). So yah bizz love it because ist Money for them, but new Player must feel very frustrated.

And ya there are tons of cheaters in this game, i think beside cs this is the most fav cheater game.