Geforce Now Petition

Blizzard, take a look at the petition for your games on Geforce Now via change dot Org

New signatures by the second approaching 2000+ those are subscription to your service which is money.

Guys! The future of gaming is tablet and mobile not desktop PC!! Don’t be old fashioned and inundated. Get with the times!! It is an outsourced GPU… What is blizz in the hardware business now? This absolutely makes zero sense.

Have you noticed your player population drop since you dropped GFN??


Cloud Gaming has as much of a future as 3D glasses or VR.

The future of gaming is tablet and mobile not desktop PC!

Lol no. Even XBox has a brighter future, and they’re barely even trying at this point.

It is an outsourced GPU

Yeah, instead of owning something you just rent it temporarily… why would you think that’s a good idea? Buying is always more economical than renting.

Have you noticed your player population drop since you dropped GFN?

Yeah, the big loss of players is because of some streaming service, not because of ongoing balance issues that have existed for years.


Dream on, they’ve teamed up with Google, it’s not going to happen.

The petition on change says otherwise buddy, thanks for your opinion.

Why rent? In the tech spec build vs host has been going on for a decade. The build side has been losing. We can talk about Microsoft office vs Microsoft 365… we can talk about hosted VOIP vs traditional SIP based systems… we can talk about One Drive or Google Drive vs Local NAS and SAN… we can talk about MPLS networks vs SDWan… we can talk about Pandora and Spotify vs storing MP3 and CDs on your local drives… Honestly, I could go on and on… I am not sure I want to have the convo with you … because you are probably thirteen years old sitting on your mom’s computer not understanding the nature of technology at all. If you really believe the tech space is moving towards local systems you do not understand anything about the nature of IT infrastructure, telecommunications or data centers which has been a vertical on the rise…

Also, Art,

This literally doesn’t effect you… Don’t troll this post. If you don’t like it, don’t use it.

Player population is diving because of this move :

The petition I am referring to on Change dot org is:

“Modern consumer rights for digital products”

2000 more players would help your gaming experience… even if those players get it and you don’t.

The petition

According to you there are like 2k signatures… that’s less than 0.01% of this game’s audience.

The build side has been losing.

lol no

you are probably thirteen years old

Dude if you’re gonna attempt to patronise people you need to make sure of two things:

  1. Your position is actually correct.
  2. They actually care about your opinion.

If you really believe the tech space is moving towards local systems you do not understand anything

I understand that connecting to a system remotely is slower than connecting physically, which is kinda important for a real-time game like Overwatch.

This literally doesn’t effect you…

I know… it doesn’t really *affect anyone because you’re not going to change the mind of a massive corporation even if you actually had enough signatures. What’s happened is that you’ve bought into a system that doesn’t work, and you’re trying to fix the system by dragging in more people. That has never been effective in the past.

Player population is diving because of this move

Yes, everyone has stopped playing Overwatch so they can stream games via Google Sta- I mean “GeForce Now”… Yeah, those systems are VERY big. /s

“Modern consumer rights for digital products”

Your rights aren’t being violated. The publisher OBVIOUSLY doesn’t want a competing company to profit from their work. That makes absolutely no sense. Even with console ports companies have million dollar deals to secure games on their platform. The publishers have all the power, and they have a strong interest in maximising their own profits.

Contrary to your understanding I am not in favour of exclusive licensing agreements, but you can’t seriously expect a publisher to give out free money to another company while getting nothing in exchange. 2000 people buying the game would give Blizzard $40,000. That’s pocket change. And that’s ignoring the fact that most of the people complaining either already own the game, or aren’t interested in it. Consoles are a market. What can Nvidia offer Blizzard? Nothing, Nvidia is the one who needs Blizzard’s games to make their service sell.

2000 more players would help your gaming experience

I have a deep, seething contempt for the players already in the game, nevermind someone connecting to the game’s overloaded servers via another, even worse server.

Geforce now is just a virtual machine not letting us install and run our copies of blizzard games on it is just dumb!
it’s just virtualized hardware! there is no basis for not allowing us to do that!

I mean what’s next are they gonna do an exclusivity deal so your only allowed to use Asus based hardware on it or only amd or only intel? how much bull :poop: are they going to try to pull on us since they decided they can dictate what x86/x64 hardware is allowed or not…

this is absurd!


Where can I sign petition?

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You hate the players … sounds like you should leave the game(s). Enjoy being miserable and wrong.

Why is it that you guys keep buying accounts just to spam up the forums? As though the game isn’t bad enough, you can’t even talk about how bad the game is without someone spending $20 on a troll account.

The future of gaming in China is tablet/mobile. The rest of the world knows that mobile gaming is just a cash grab by devs.

Look at the mobile gaming company owned by ActivisionBlizzard… King. They have churned out 7-8 versions on the same game, with different names and skins. All because they know people are too stupid not to pay to win.

Mobile gaming is only “big” because of children that have no self control and gambling addicts, who also have no self control (noticing the trend). They are solely there to exploit the weak for more cash (same as loot boxes)

Man’s really out here acting like petitions work 100% of the time?

Art who is trolling? Again, I am asking for blizzard to review a technical aspect of the game that literally doesn’t effect you and you are still running your mouth. When we get down too it your reason… you have a seething hatred for the player base? Get lost.

I don’t like this correlation, VR definetly has a future. Recently the amount of VR users on Steam surpassed the amount of Linux users and RTX 2080 TI users (Neither are huge, but still a considerable number, and a huge leap), and that definetly isn’t just because of Alyx.

How ever, cloud/stream gaming’s future isn’t very bright, at least the way it currently is, and several companies/failed projects have proven that.

I also don’t want to live in a world where we don’t own even our own gaming computers, though sadly we are slowly moving towards that (Damn you digital games).

Those are all very, very, different from gaming.

Gaming is the one media that won’t convert to streaming, because it’s fundamentally different. Unlike the “consumable” movies or music, gaming is a hobby, and people don’t want to rent their hobby. Ask anyone who plays golf if they rent their clubs, 85% will say of course they don’t.

Also, especially in PC gaming, a huge majority are into tech too. People want to know what’s in their system, some even build their own, making it their own.

Cloud gaming, in it’s current form, won’t work.