Genji buff is hard for healers

Genji is currently causing some frustration among the healers. When the highly mobile, climbing and jumping Genji rages in the backline, it is very difficult to assert yourself as Ana, Mercy, Babtiste, Lucio, Zen.
(For most healers, running, jumping, etc. is only limited or not possible at all.)

You have to quickly switch to Brigitte or Moira and then you are usually busy not being killed by Genji. That’s fine - but there is little opportunity to heal your own team.

I think there is a serious inequality in terms of mobility.
At the moment, as a healer, I have a genji in my back in almost every game. It always feels like a death match.

How do the other healers see this?

play brig and genji becomes less of an issue

Yes, exactly as I wrote above. That is also the limiting fact. Genji simply counters so many healers … And the choice of healers is very small compared to the other classes

It’s ok. The nerfs a live.

Genji sucks again now. We can play in peace!

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but orisa sigma and brig are still broken and making the game unfun for everyone. People forgot how to counter genji because he became that bad. Is it hard to go winston zarya moira brig something like that?

Genji is only “fun” for the person playing Genji (never really see the fun in playing him personally, same with Mercy, but each to their own).

Everyone else is just waiting, bored, for them to press Q.

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but you don’t care about orisa sigma and brig owning the game? No offense but you’re only gold and I don’t think you understand what I’m saying

Haha. You know rank shaming is pretty toxic and shows the elitist behaviour and gate keeping this community is famous for.

This topic is about Genji, he was broken, then the “fixed” him.

Discussions about the power levels of other heroes can be had in other threads. But when you get your head out of the high clouds of hidden profile you will understand that.

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