Genji nerf feedback

Then play with your team and dont expect to 1v1 absolutely everything

Genji is a finisher… he is meant to work with his team and target the low health enemies that your team wear down


It’s exactly what he was before…

Genji had a shotgun with higher damage than Reaper and faster rate. Ult charging was extremely fast and he was able to 2 shot people in 1 sec (spam shurikens + slash). That, on top of the deflect, made him godlike.

This game has been Genjiwatch since his buffs.


see, now this is exactly what i was talking about blizz
dont give the kids candy and then take it away, here comes the crying

that nerf was really a must and those buffs shouldnt have implemented in the first place (it was way to much), you genji players had 2 months of op fun now let the rest of the players have their fun aswell

look im mercy main and i had to get used to alot of nerfs, deal with it
the time of spamming and getting away with everything is over, no need to nag

Whilst I agree Sigma could do with a little nerf. In no way are Orissa and Sigma broken. They just synergise so well it is dumb to play anything else most of the time.

Brig isn’t broken either. I feel like it is more AoE healing needed a tweak. Her kit just works well against heroes people think are “fun” and they get annoyed.

But if you play Genji and get annoy that a Brig constantly shuts you down… that isn’t on the Brig… That is on you, you need to play better, or swap.

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You still have that tight spread and a combo that is almost unavoidable (save Zarya bubbles) that does : 164 damage (not counting headshots).

If you cant do that to a target that is already under fire or low on HP and kill it, its not on the game mate, it is 100% on you.

blizz r u blind? rework genji, remove deflect and reduce shift, reduce his mobility ffs, give him 150 hp like tracer

doomfist can 1 shot people gain shields from it and run away faster than anyone but genji being able to 2-3 shot people is a problem?

I didn’t say I can’t play against brig. Your comment makes no sense at all

doom fist has a huge hitbox, no way to mitigate incoming damage, has to use his mobility options to actually deal damage with no chance of reset on kill and has to put himself directly in the thick of the fight to use his damage abilities

this is why genji is a problem and doomfist isn’t

so you’re fine with a character 1 shotting and zooming 30m but not with buffed genji? Ok man

you don’t play competitive though

if that character has to put himself at massive risk of death, hardly ever gets the 1 shot despite trying, and has a fair counter such as mei and sombra, yes

genji has none of these and hence is a problem

stop being bias


if u want them to buff him again why don’t you suggest they nerf him somewhere else then, nerf swift strike damage and then you’ll see how sh*t he can be. everyone who played him is butt hurt cause they cant 1v2 every fight now. if u want his rate of fire to increase that increase the spread, u cant have a mini shotgun on a character like Genji, thats just common sense. or remove the swift strike reset, I bet that’ll upset every Genji player out there. give him all his buffs but remove that and I garuntee no one would play him. its stupid when a character was obviously broken and then as soon as they’re nerfed the people who cheesed it immediately start whining

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Because not playing one specific mode means they are not entitled to an opinion?

You love to try and gate keep this game.

doomfist can 1 shot people gain shields from it and run away faster than anyone but genji being able to 2-3 shot people is a problem?

Yes DF was also a problem but he’s in the dumpster tier now as he righteously should be, so he’s fine where he is. RN the problem is Genji.

nerf more please, silly character, ruins flow of game.

the ult charge is still not off this world …

angy you can’t 1v6 anymore? owo