Genji still needs to get fixed

And yet again the nerf is not having the effect it should have
ult still charges to fast and he is nerfed in the wrong places.

every game is flapping gengus everywhere
if i wanted to play against the same char every game i would have gone counterstrike, but im here for the diversity and all i get is gengu gengu and more gengu

Its getting really BORING blizz

every game is flapping gengus everywhere

Counterpick then.

Its getting really BORING blizz

Eventually you will learn to stop enabling Genjis.

With you on this. Not just about Genji though.

If ANY hero is being played in nearly every gameā€¦ There is an issue.

Which is why hero bans seem like an attractive idea to so many (although I doubt it would work in ranked, but on the pro scene could have potential if the rules were right).

dont get me wrong , i have no issues with stopping genjis, ive been countering him every game, i haunt down every genji with moira untill they either leave or swap and ofcourse go bananas in chat because of the moira

im fed up with hearing this every minute of the game