Getting tired of being reported for playing bastion

I’m seriously getting tired of being reported for playing bastion. He is my best character, i have 300 hours on him. I will not switch off for a mccree who has 0 kills or a wrecking ball that just rolls in and feeds. I will switch when I know I am the reason we are losing, or when we need a fast character to contest the point. I am not throwing by playing bastion without a shield tank. I can’t tell you how many countless games I have completely and totally rolled an enemy team with two off tanks and no shield.

Competitive has been getting worse and worse and worse in this regard for a long time. I get players who are so toxic that literally just throw right from the get go and type in global chat to report the bastion for gameplay sabotage. And the thing is, enemies even agree to do it sometimes. My winrate is always between 55-60% as well, which shows that even after all this toxicity and forced losses due to teammates that just refuse to even consider playing the game seriously because they have a character they don’t like on their team, that I can still carry games.

I just got the warning that my behavior is not in line with other players in overwatch and that if I continue I will be banned.

If I get banned because of blizzard’s terrible system I am done and never purchasing another blizzard product.

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  1. Playing bastion isnt the issue. If you are getting reported chances are Bastion just isnt working.
  2. How do you know when your the reason? I see many people talking about medals and what they did. Like I killed there tank. However totally oblivious to the fact while they were killing one tank the healers had to focus heal so it causes negative reactions for the whole team.
  3. You also seem to be under the impression you are the one carrying simply because you have a 55% win rate. Can you show proof you are the reason and that you are not the one being carried.

The issue here isnt the character but how and when you pick. There are maps were he is clearly at a disadvantage and maps where he is strong. Also if Bastion doesnt work with the team comp you could be the reason they loose even if you are getting picks because you fail to see the adverse effects. I see it all the time when genji players and hanzo players. They will get there ult fast or they will get the odd pick and being done huge damage however not actually focusing and just doing pointless damage. They will then ult and get a 3man and be like its the teams fualt there loosing all why there healers and tanks are getting plastered because they are out of position or because they are having to play differently to cover the one person in the team who thinks its a solo game.

To many people are quick to blame but not look at the whole picture. Why are you being reported. Are the games you loose simply because the other team was better and how could you have reached differently to change the outcome . Could you have been on Hanamura second point and the enemy team pushes high ground. Did you get forced back as you cant set up safely in a small corridor. Could a junk ot mei have been a safer bet to block the enemy or to be able to hit and pressure the team from around corners. Could a reaper have put more backline agro.

Show some gameplay I am sure the only fault isnt your team

When half the player base doesn’t understand what going wrong during a match and there is an odd pick guess who they gon blame? Don’t act like it doesn’t happen cause it everyother match

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MAAAN I keep getting reported for playing an off-support (Zen, Lucio, Brig especially) when we have a Moira on the team because ‘no healing’. I’ve been told some pretty horrific things and bullied half to death by DPS players in particular despite 99% of games carrying gold healing.

The problem isn’t just with Bastion players. Btw if your winrate is above 50% you can play that hero at your current rank and a little higher, if it’s below 50 you will derank so you shouldn’t have an issue unless you’re actively refusing to change when hard countered.

Instead of bragging about the 60% of games you win, try analysing the 40% of games you lose. Is it possible that you are refusing to swap despite a losing matchup?

And if you’re already losing, why not swap anyway? It will have no negative impact on the game, but your team won’t report you as often.

This just sums up completely a point I made about what is wrong with the game.

It isn’t balance, maps or heroes being op… It is the utter arseholes that play it thinking they have some god given right for everyone to do as they say.


Or, and this is a bit of a hot take.

Just let the dude play Bastion, if that is what he enjoys. It is only a video game after all. Win lose or draw it is meant to be fun.

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Where did I say he couldn’t play Bastion? The guy is concerned about being reported, there are things he can do about it.

Yes this. Who would have thought that players in a game that gives u freedom to chose what u want to play would use that freedom

People can report you but if you read what the report for game sabotage is,
it’s clearly states that unwillingness for switching heroes is not game sabotage.
So they have no case against you taking bastion…even if you played poorly
(not saying that you do) it also states that you can’t report a person for that.