Gold kill with healer nearly every game

Due to forced loss, game crash, smurfs etc, I fell into low bronze from gold.
Now I lose nearly every game as healer and have gold kill and damage nearly every game and heal as well of course. No I am not playing moira only, it happens with zen, ana, lucio as well. Is it not possible to solo climb as a healer???

It is possible but one could argue you are doing too much damage rather than heals. I dont know if its the case but shooting enemies rather than healing can cost the fight. If you are struggling try playing mercy and moira, they are probably the easiest supports to play mate

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Maybe the problem is that you’re focused on damage instead of healing…

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Just had a game with 2 dps thrower, they were just dancing in the corner…
Yes, it’s my fault that we lost not healing enough…

You’re right, I should have read your mind and found that out… how foolish of me to base my response on what you said… /s


I was once at 1500 SR when my skill was at 2500. I climbed with 70% win rate (first as off support, then off tank). So if you’re as good as you think you are, you will find a way to win. Try organizing people through voice chat, in bronze that makes you godlike.

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healing bad dps is useless, it is better you deal dmg your self in that case.


You can climb out of bronze doing the following:

  1. Take Brigitte
  2. Run around in circles holding left click

I will try, ty for the idea

heal more. or better yet, realise that means mean literally nothing

I used to think I was good at Moira getting 5 gold, until I realised gold healing was 5k for a game and a good healer can get 10k in a round (on top of that, Moira builds ult way quicker by using healing orbs rather than dmg). Same with Lucio - wallriding and pulling off a gnarly boop once in a while yet barely sticking with my team for heals & speed boosts felt gratifying but wasn’t doing much for my team.

The fact that you’re the best of your mediocre team might give you a false sense of achievement. Truth is, those medals mean very little.

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U can be the best healer, if all ur teammates get oneshoted u cant heal much

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I second this. No point in healing a 20% accuracy McCree when you can do better yourself as Moira

Impossible to win a game at the weekend??? So many throwers and leavers it’s insane!!! Keep getting gold kill and damage with healer, but not because not healing or tanking gold kill with 3 in 2 round gold damage with 2.5k etc. wtf is going on???
Stop saying it’s the one person who is posting not playing good enough, 'cos it’s simply not true.

Logically the enemy have slightly more chance to have leavers and trolls than your team. You will lose roughly 50% of games anyway so dont get so stressed about it mate. You need to learn what healer is best to play for the comp you have. The only other thing you can do is try to get everyone in voice chat and call out everything. The game is an information war and the more info your team has theoretically the better decisions they will be able to make

You are talking about people who listen. I am talking about noobs with no brain