Grand Finals Sprays


I watched the Grand Finals on Overwatchleague dot com, I connected my blizzard account as instructed in the FAQ and made sure I was logged in when I watched, I watched the pre show and the whole finals and didn’t receive any sprays or league points for watching.

I opened a ticket about this and they said This isn’t something we can look into here on the GM team, so I’d recommend bringing this up on our official Forums so that it can be properly investigated

Is there anyway I can get my missing sprays?


Hey there Sozi. The rewards for watching the OWL Grand Finals have all been assigned out by now though there was an issue before about them being sent out. This has all been double checked and if you haven’t received these rewards, it would mean sadly that your account was not found to be eligible and the rewards cannot be given retroactively.

Really sorry about that however for any future giveaways like this that you want to take part in, always make sure that you have everything all linked up with your account and the the stream you are viewing is a live version. Re-broadcasts won’t count and neither will VoD watching.