Great Ranking System

My previous promotion promoted me from Bronze 5 to Silver 5 even with good Win/Lose Ratio. And I brushed that off since I was having fun with my friends and we were practicing combos. And now, I grinded again for a promotion and I got Silver 5 again even with a decent Win/Lose Ratio. This kind of bs is what’s taking my interest off the game.
Along with the server issue. It’s been almost a month now and the server is still crap. Me and my friends are getting disconnected in a ranked match where we’re in a critical situation just to get disconnected.
Almost in all my games It’s either me or some player on the enemy team gets disconnected.
Fix your “Bugs” blizzard. These kind of problems aren’t a priority I guess unless It’s about In-game monetization topic related…


Gz on that.

If u get first time Silver , and meanwhile drop to the Bronze 5 doesn’t mean all the next time you will get the same division as first time, it can be but you have to put effort, less feeding, more kills (if u dps, if u heal then more heal)

‘‘Bugs’’ are fixed long time ago. Disconnects from the game are natural as in every other game.

Sadly It’s still happening. Just yesterday, 4 players on the enemy team got disconnected hard. And its still happening atm atleast here in UAE servers it really destroys the intensity of the moment.