Group finder removal

I can’t understand why blizzard would remove a feature that gives you more control of the way you play the game. Unfortunately now I cannot make a team that I can communicate with appropriately, thus making a competitive game mode nigh-on impossible and furthermore the option to stay as a group after a game has a drastically reduced timer compared to OW1. Having a microphone is critical when you’re competing and group finder would allow you to make it a prerequisite before even starting a game.

Now that everyone has been forced into a ‘general population’ queue you find throwers and just down right stupid players, ruining the experience of those who enjoy competition.

Im nothing special, my peak in OW1 was only diamond, but I felt like I could control my progression, whereas now it’s anyone’s guess how the game will play out.

Fine, make Quickplay random groups, but if you want to compete, give us back the tools we require to do so.

To me it feels like a little bit of a flex from the developers, they assume they can change a game so much and still keep the same fan base. While I can’t personally monitor the OW population I am very confident this feature removal among many, many other issues with the game will reduce that population even more than it already was.

It’s my understanding that later into a game franchise or any franchise for that matter, you improve it by adding more features and then perfecting existing ones… The opposite has happened.

I have never contributed to a forum in my life until this one, please guys open my eyes… Am I wrong to think this way? Or is there some grand scheme I’m unaware of? Because from my perspective, this is franchise suicide in the making.

Why? Because it was barely used and didn’t actually serve the purpose they intended.

They are bringing clans instead at some point.

Hi Nev :smiley:

Fair points amde there my friend.
It was a useful bit of functionality to give you a level of control, rather than just being placed into actual unknown groups of people who are likely not in VC, generally throw etc.

Given the shoddy release, knowing them it’s just a defect :clown_face:

Given the previous lies you have spread on this forum, could you please provide a source(s) to this infomation?

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If you played Ow1 and read/listened to the Dev updates, they’ve already explained it. And teased clans coming.

Stop trolling, and start reading the information they provide.

of course he can’t… He just made it up…


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Evidently, given he isn’t able to come up with the information lol.
Clans are very much different to group finder. :clown_face:

We haven’t seen this information detailed. Please send the source(s) through otherwise its considered another lie to your name.

h ttps://

Lol funny you trust Hulk.

Thats a good way of showing urls.

What we were asking for though is evidence of the following statement regarding ‘Group Finder’

I can’t see this detailed on the source you have just sent through.

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I prefer to just tell you.
The information in is blizzards own news feed. Get off your backside and go find it yourself, I did.

It’s another lie then, going off previous experience.
Pity, I was hoping you was going to turn over a new leaf, but nah.

I did actually have a quick browse, but couldn’t locate a source for it. Another reason why I think you’re just lying.


Well, it isn’t. But you’ve admitted you’re trolling so I’ll let you get on living in ignorance.

Where did I say I was trolling? At present, this is another lie…

I am simply asking for evidence given your history with telling lies. For the sake of the new forum person here, it is only fair.

Ignorance would mean that I didn’t care if it was a lie or not. I am very much the opposite of ignorance.

Where’s the source, or it is to be considered another one of your many lies.

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