Hacker #10541385289

Code: E8GBR5

Tracer on team 1. Very obvious at around 1:30 when it locks and snaps to the Doomfist. Funny isn’t it? :rofl: And they lost…

I’m praying for the next ban wave!

To add: this is probably some cheap/free software thus the aim being so shtty. But it still is locking so aim-assist… Don’t come at me with “oh he’s just bad not hacking” please.

GLHF everyone :peace_symbol:

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Without watching… The cheap ones are more obvious because they hard lock. The good ones will make the aim look more “natural”

So just from what you’ve said, I’ll have my doubts before I watch.

Now watching. Don’t think they are aim botting… But their movement is really weird. Not seen movement that snappy before. If this is PC it would seem his mouse is very odd.

You are just in denial mate I have posted like 5 of these sad cheating pos :clown_face:

No you are in denial because the majority of your posts are not cheaters. This is guy is also not cheating at all. That crosshair is all over the place and there are no signs of wallhack either. Seriously, how can you play and enjoy the game if you think these people are cheaters? I play at dog rating and rarely play Tracer but I play a better Tracer than this guy.

That snapping, for you too @RodimusPrime, are people with either crap connection and a lot of packet loss or crap PC’s. Honestly I’m not joking here, that’s straight up how it looks. You can see this for yourself in your own replay. Have someone else very, very quickly pull and reconnect the ethernet cable a couple of times (you cannot do it yourself because that’s too slow) and after that, watch your own replay. You’ll see the same snapping.

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Yeah I think it’s just lag.

When you watch replays, you see either lag if you watch from their POV.

It does look a bit odd, but I doubt it’s anything suspicious.

It is too higher level account, and too low ranked to be anything cheaty.

You have posted, and I think I agreed with 1 or a couple. But this ain’t one of them.

it is just a lag .not hacking .


Did … did you just report a hacker in QUICK PLAY ? :man_facepalming:
This dude was lagging HARD and its aim was … like Low Gold maybe? Probably high silver.

What is this? My god every cheater accusation replay I see is mre laughable than the previous one. Cant wait to see the next “report”.


It is funny. It is like many have said before… there isn’t quite as many cheaters as people seem to think.

(this is not to say there aren’t any, as some fool will probably try to claim I’ve said).

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I dunno. I think it’s testing pure aimbot here. But his system is weak and lagging cuz can’t handle the cheat load

No, he is just playing on high ping. His internet was probably just having a fit during that match.

There is zero aim botting going on.

Sad… People with 0 idea on software development claiming no cheating. Might be high ping and aimbot, that ever crossed your mind? Go check my other threads if you still wanna cry “no hacker LOL”. Also, why don’t you care about hackers in QP? Don’t come crying when you get owned by one in competitive after they have just tested it in QP then :rofl:

It did cross my mind.

Then within the same second I realised that wasn’t happening here. Just lag.

Notice how he isn’t scatty when looking from someone elses PoV…

That is because he is suffering from major lag his end.

I’ve only ever seen 2 hackers in comp… the first was a Zen who was hilariously bad. We just rolled him with dive as he had no idea where to be.

2nd one was a soldier that rage hacked. We lost, but it was hilarious to watch. He was a streaming it and sponsored by the hack seller to ruin games.

Greetings @Lucid, if on the video is it Sombra,I would say 100% hacking. :slight_smile: