Hacking is a serious problem, please fix it


I’m in silver/gold and a few days ago i played against a aimbotting bastion, and probably a aimbotting sildier since they where in the same team and ppl said in the match that both of them had aimbot.

Since i wasn’t sure, i only reported the bastion. Hoping that he/she would get banned, but i haven’t gotten a single response yet.

Those who works at blizzard could seriously think about getting a automatic banning system.

Like if you report someone that automatically goes to the banned register or something, or at least i hope they already have that.

I mean it’s probably impossible to sit and look through the millions of reports they get everyday.


you were reporting a BASTION for aimbot? usually it’s widow. Bastion, ya know, hails bullets on people and shreds them in milliseconds, not really aimbot. As for the soldier, that’s kind of what they do - and if you reported the soldier for aimbot during his ultimate you have
day :joy:


When you looked at the bastions play of the game, you could clearly see that he had aimbot, when you saw your character that bastion followed your every move.

Someone even stood behind something and his aimbot still tracked that person. Why does it sound like you’re defending that person? It’s not right. And i hoped he/ she got banned.

Everyone on the enemy team and our team saw it, and pointed it out when that bastion got the POTG

And like i said, but you probably didn’t read properly, i didn’t know if that soldier had aimbot or not so i did NOT report that guy.


2 days ago:

First game vs aimbot on soldier
Second game with extrasensoric guy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiBMgBXTFvk
third and fourth game vs another aimbot (it was zarya from enemy 6-stack from game #2)

As result 2-2 bcz widow and third guy was stupid bronze, even with cheats


there is always going to be people hacking and no one, not even the government can prevent them.


I got called out for using aimbot with bastion on Blizzard World the other day. I have like no playtime with him as it was. I managed to get play of the game by killing a bunch of people just sitting by the point, and when one shot me from behind, I turned around and shredded him from point blank. I don’t use any kind of hacks or anything. I just laughed it off and felt kind of good I did well enough to be called a hacker.


gitgud and beat hackers without cheats. If you achieve that you will be unstoppable, no one can stand in your way after that.


That widow is not hacking tho…

Idk where you see all these so called hackers, I have seen barely a dozen in my 3 years on the game and I’m playing daily for 2-3 hours.


I haven’t seen a hacker since I play OW. Which is roundabout a year now.
Though I like to call some enemies that kill me a hacker just so I can tell myself to play around them. That way I feel and play better (and focus them if I can).
I even said that Winston was aimbotting once :sweat_smile: so I switched off Zen to another proper healer and I was fine

Honestly I’ve never reported a player for aimbotting or wallhacks.
(Once my husband was accused of wallhacking … dude he played Widow and got his ult. There’s a voice line you know)

I don’t deny that there are hackers out there.

My aim is not that good but as a Bastion I can shred an uncoordinated enemy team.
I assume hackers usually prefer chars like Widow, Soldier (not only while ulting :joy:) and such.


ofc mate, totally not, every time start to staring at wall where i just come from WITHOUT any info is totally not hacking
aiming at wall to instantly kill me because i staring at wall to shoot him is not hacking
last moment is not obivous aimbot too, its just 0ms reaction time :smiley:

complete bronze positioning and stupidity whole game while shooting like kephrii and having sixth sence to know everyone positioning without his visor is not mean hes 10-yrs kid :DDDD

i bet you wont see any cheats even here, right ?


I’ve gotta admit the last flick looks suspicious on that Soldier but anything else in that clip looks legit.

I mean, look at this potg

Are you gonna tell me I’m hacking because I flick?

For Widowmaker she was placing her aim at your level to have an advantage if you peaked, pretty standard behavior.


yeah, 100% tracking is not obivous enough lol

you doesnt see difference, between shooting people while you already see everything like on your video

and a guy who start aim just before i went out of walls or 0ms reaction shot on last moment or aiming on wall(without any vision that im aiming him) to instantly kill me when i was aiming at wall where he will come ?

okay i got you, cya :smiley:

if you still doesnt get it, all her pick was while i was shown up first time there on all moments

not like i shot her 91826968 times and go to wall to recharge then again get out of wall to shoot while he already know where i was


Well, now that profiles are hidden, it’s certainly easier to hide the hacking, but oftentimes it’s just an excuse. Yes, there are people who aim really well, and there are people who are in silver and aim pretty well, because aiming isn’t that important in this game. I do remember that one video of a Bastion that would just randomly turn 90° to burst down one target after another while having a friendly Orisa blocking vision.^^


I’m pretty surprised then


aimbots i faced the most: Widowmaker, tracer, mcree, bastion.

Aimbotters picking bastion simply shows that they are bronce at their best.



20 characters required


Yeah tracer with aimbot can be rly powerful . She 1 clips every 200hp hero and you can’t rly do anything about it.


Yes, that is the whole point. Many good players know what heroes would be broken with an aimbot. But hackers hack for a reason, cause they are trash at the game. Bastion still works wonders with aimbot, but while the hackers might have better choices, they are so terrible at the game, they would hardly understand that.


oh ok yeh i knew she could 1 clip but i thought hacking didn’t affect damage drop off, and if it doesn’t then tracer would have to be next to enemies to be powerful


You can have accounts connected to electronic real IDs. I mean might be going overboard, but that way people can only cheat once or twice if they someohow get to borrow their friends ID, but they are boarderline unfakeable, not mentioning the serious jail time you would have to do for faking one.