Harsher punishment for leavers

The initial 10 minutes ban is too soft. I’d personally want it to start at 24 hours but i suppose accidental disconnection would be rough for some (although if you have bad internet then don’t play comp right?).
Start the initial ban at 1 hour, maybe?

Could we track per season at least? So at the beginning of every season the ban severity is reset.

It’s so frustrating when queueing for over 20 minutes at dps and it the game is ruined after 1 minute.

even the best internet connection cannot guarantee that you wont DC . Best solution will be to let other people join the game if somebody leaves or DC within 1 minute of starting the competitive match .
Also if rumors are to be believed then they are testing 3 dps 2 support and 1 tank combination .if that gets implemented we will see low queue times across the board .

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