Have played since beta


then i was perma banned for calling some guy nub… yes that was actualy listed as a reason but thats not what i want to say.

Because of that new female guner i decided to buy overwatch again and check what is new, boy this game has become 4 letter word that is not allowed here lol.

First of all, she sucks, sucks to a Point where she is basicaly a troll pick.
And what is this forced 2 2 2, i understand that Blizzard is trying tard to sell this game as a legit esport but it just Looks so stupid, there is no other word, just, stupid like this new bare foot guy spaming shilds, lol as if arisa was not enough.

For 15 bucks i spend to get this game i could have a good piza but i gues now i dont have to wonder if this game got back on track like it was on release.

So guys, what Keep you playing this game, because i just played till lvl 9 and i dont want to Play it anymore.


I could murder some :pizza: right now.


Cool story buddy, we care :slight_smile:


I’m a freaking lier who comes here wasting others time. First of all if you was permed that was not for it, but most likely for aimbots/other hacks, nobody gets acc permbanned for abusive chat secondly you suck, your a troll and just get the fck off from here buy a good pizza to make your fat arse even fatter.


You poor naive troll. They bann your whole account if ure cheating. Banning a game is due to abusive Chat.

Also another reason that was listed is “youre nothing”, so saying to someone that may get u permaban.


Ofc most games have good and bad sides but this is my favourite game the reason why for me is because it’s competative, skill based + requires teamwork once you find a good group or play with friends it’s really good even after so long. I know it has its problems ( queue times, balancing heroes ) but with the attitude you have towards the game I don’t think it’s for you :wink:


i agree with TS . Game will die soon.

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