Have they changed placements?

Playing placement match 2, we have a leaver. Fine (it happens).

Carry on till the little time in the red box counts down and I leave and requeue.

That should count as a loss and 2 games played… but it still says 1. Has their been a change? or does it now just wait for that match to end before counting it?

Played a 3rd match, the “leaver game” is in my replay history… but hasn’t counted as a placement. So that is something new…

Yes that happend to me too as I did my placements on open que yesterday.

Interesting. I guess this is a new thing for placements.

Might be. And it makes sense that Ur placement shouldent suffer from someone else leaving the match.

Yeah, to a point. Luckily, once you’ve played a season, placements don’t really impact much. So I don’t really care if someone leaves and I lose (just something that happens).

But I guess it is a good change for those that think it matters, a placebo for them.

Ur right. It dosent matter a big deal, placements. As for me, Im hardstuck in bronze and I dont see me getting out, regardless of this new feature or not haha

If you are happy and enjoying playing, the rank doesn’t matter.

Dont agree 100% on that. Ranks do matter to some extent. Like the way people in lower ranks play the game, theire willingness to play as a team, understand when a fight is lost and its better to regroup etc etc. This only matters if Ur trying to climb ofc. If Ur content with Ur SR on the other hand, I fully agree with U.

That is more of an enjoyment thing than a rank thing.

Your games will be more of a death match than a coordinated strike. So you have to just vibe with it.

It’s a playtype I think. Overwatch is really fun and great but if it has no ranked I honestly wouldn’t play it because I’m a hard competitive player

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Totally get that.

I am the same, to a point. I love the hard, close competitive matches. I love competing. However I really don’t care what my 4-digit number is or what colourful badge I have. They are a bit meaningless to me.