Having really strange experiences with rankings

ive been having some really weird issues regarding my ranking? i saw in the patch notes recently about something to do with people who have been inactive in playing competitive for a while will get a sort of like little reset thing? but even so in the new 8 player ffa tdm mode i went 5 wins 1 loss against almost everyone being anywhere between abt platinum 1 to grandmaster 2 n it gave me the rank of platinum 4? n i was wondering if i could get some reasoning behind this n if it was possible for it to potentially be changed or if i could be put in that bracket for “inactive comp players” since i havnt really avidly played comp since about 2018. (also it affects the fact that i dont go up much in other competitive rankings but im more confused abt this the most) i dont wanna really seem petty i dont mind the grind but i feel as tho if i play against people in a much higher rank n win pretty seemlessly i feel as tho my rank should not also be put a little higher no?

another thing is that this also happened when i first got an open queue role this season. i played against plats n some low diamonds n the match ranks were all atleast plat n it placed me in gold 5? like i assume its due to other ranks (i was abt silver 3 in all closed queue ranks) but that doesnt feel like it makes much sense n i feel like in these situations the ranks should get put accordingly not due to other ranks that u have. i have a top 500 friend who somehow got ranked in plat 5 after going like 5 n 2 n hes gm/top 500 in every other rank so it doesnt feel like it makes much sense regardless.

A very thorough post you’ve written.

You just have to grind it out. Wins only give you a set amount of sr regardless of your opponent’s rank.

Since your mmr is putting you together with diamonds it’s likely that you’ll rise faster than i would.

For example. If your rank is similar to the others you play with, you’d need to get that 5/1 at least twice to climb.

Since you said you got plat4 and there were diamonds in the match, you could very well climb to plat 3 or 2 with your next set if you only lose oncr or twice.

The gold rank is similar, the system has to put you somewhere first and with another set of wins you’ll climb pretty fast.

There was some rank shifting for everyone as the devs adjusted the system. So i wouldn’t worry too much if that was your friend’s first set in the season.

(Some people have said that there’s a new bronze5 bug as they can’t rank up, nor does their position in the rank fall. So you shouldn’t be too alarmed as things will get fixed eventually if there is a problem)

yeah i did kinda see something like this recently cuz i went straight from silver 2 to high gold 4 on support n i dont have an exact problem with the grinding it just feels as though the information they give on how the rankings work doesnt seem as straight forward as it probably should be like other games especially with so many different modes for comp
tbf i was gonna grind regardless obviously i want to improve but its just a lil weird imo but thank you

A lot of people have said that the ranks should be better communicated and straight forward, because right now we have 2 different invisible number values that affect rank and matchmaking.

When i did my first ever placements in season 1, i went straight to bronze1.
From there to silver4, silver2 and then to gold4 in season3 from where it started going step by step. Would be nice to know how it decided to skip a few ranks.