Hero Idea - Vector, face melter


Ello. I’ve been playing with an acid based idea for a hero for a while now, figured I’d get it down, not 100% on the numbers, its more the concept I feel is important, take a gander if you fancy. Apparently you can’t include links in the post, so I can’t provide any pics for aesthetic purposes.

If anyone takes an interest or thinks this has potential, i’ll look to write up a back-story for him.

Role - Offence
Gender - Male
Health - 250
Footprint audio - Loud
Hitbox size - Between DF and Reaper in size.

Vector has an additional critical spot located on his back in addition to his head.

Passive - Corroding toxins
All damage done by Vector causes the target to receive reduced healing from other players (60% reduction) for 1 second

Primary - Bio-cannon
Left-click fires arcing blobs of green goo, these blobs cause damage on impact and two damage ticks, occurring once per second for 2 seconds. This cannon can be charged (3 levels) to increase the size of the blobs, increasing their damage but lowering their velocity. If a target is impacted by multiple blobs, they stack and refresh the damage over time to start again.
Weapon type: Projectile - Arcing - Charging
Can headshot: Yes - Only impact damage is amplified
ROF: Charge dependant but no charge can be fired at 1.2 projectiles a second
Damage profile:
No charge - 40 meter range with high velocity and minimal arc - 25 impact - 12.5 x 2 damage over time
Half charge - 20 meter range with medium velocity and larger arc - 50 impact - 25 x 2 damage over time
Full charge - 15 meter range with low velocity and big arc - 80 impact (Impact now does splash damage in 4m radius) - 40 x 2 damage over time
IMPORTANT NOTE - Is stopped by barriers but the damage over time effect will last infinitely long on barriers and will stack infinity too.

Secondary fire - Corrosive spray
Right-click causes a spray of acid to flood from the front of the gun, causing high damage, slow and a push-back. This spray has a recharging mechanic akin to DVA’s defence matrix and can be fired for up to 3 seconds, before requiring 9 seconds to fully recharge
Weapon type: Beam
Can headshot: No
Damage profile: 100dps - Pushes targets back 2m per second and has a slow of 60% of their base movement speed.
Range - 12m
IMPORTANT NOTE - Can be used whilst using the primary fire (Both charging and firing the primary)

Shift ability - Reactive armour
Activates additional powered armour sections on Vector’s suit, giving him 35% damage reduction and fully protecting all critical areas on him for 4 seconds, preventing him from being critically hit. If any form of hard CC is applied to Vector whilst this ability is active or damage exceeding 200 (After reductions), the CC is cleansed and a directional explosive goes off, applying a fully charged primary fire goo blob to all targets in an 8m cone towards the direction of the CC. This can only happen once per activation of Reactive armour and the damage reduction and critical protection remain for the full duration.

E ability - Bio-binding
Fires a goo like bolo out that attaches the target to a nearby surface or character, this leashes them together and prevents them from walking away from the attached target for 3 seconds, damage over time effects spread between effected bolo targets, can be broken by shooting (has 150 hp)

Ultimate - Neo-toxin canister
After a wind-up of one second, fires a massive metal canister (Travel speed 1.5x of rein charge, very minor arc) that has the properties of a charging character. This canister will pin any character it hits (100 impact damage), crushing from for 300 damage if it impacts a wall, due its arc, it might hit the ground before then, in which case, the character is flung off.

Once impacted, the canister becomes a damageable object with 250hp that leaks a toxic gas, a damage of time effect in a large area, see details below.

Damage over time area starts 1m around canister and spreads to 12m over 4 seconds, area persists for 10 seconds total, including spreading time. Damage starts at 15 per second (lasts for 2 more seconds after leaving AOE) but doubles its damage for every second within the AOE, see below.

1 second exposure, total damage: 15 + 15x2 = 45
2 second exposure, total damage: 15 + 30 + 30x2 = 105
3 second exposure, total damage: 15 + 30 + 60 + 60x2 = 225
4 second exposure, total damage: 15 + 30 + 60 + 120 + 120x2 = 465
5 second exposure, total damage: 15 + 30 + 60 + 120 + 240 + 240x2 = 945
6 second exposure, total damage: 15 + 30 + 60 + 120 + 240 + 480 + 480x2 = 1905
10 second exposure, total damage: 15+30+60+120+240+480+960+1920+3840+7680+7680*2 = 30705

Destroying the canister stops its AOE increase (If it hasn’t reached max AOE already) and causes the effect to stop 2 seconds after it was destroyed. I.E. if you destroy it 2 seconds after impact, it will only have reached half of total AOE and the effect will only last a total of 4 seconds. Canister emits a loud hissing sound that will reveal its location (Akin to junkrats tyre) but can be embedded in any wall or ceiling.
Canister CANNOT be destroyed mid flight.
Charging characters (DF, Rein and Brig) can counter charge the canister, causing impact damage to them (Not crush damage) and making the canister flip into the air and impact the ground at the point of the counter charge.
Re-entering the damage over time effect after having it wear off causes the damage ticks to pick up where they left off, but -1 damage stage progression.
I.E. If you got up to 60 DPS, waited and came back, you’d start on 30 damage, rather than the initial 15. If you where somehow at 240 damage and lived, you’d start at 120 when re-entering the area.

Vectors interactions with med-kits:
Map based medkits do not have their healing reduced by his passive and will cleanse all damage of time effects on the character when they are used.

Playstyle and general idea:

Vector is an area denial and close quarter specialist. His primary weapon being an arcing projectile will take some skill to aim properly and be extremely rewarding if players can hit repeated shots, with a very powerful stacking DOT that can quickly rip through a heroes health pool. His damage heavily mitigates player healing and will open up tank heavy compositions by ripping their health-pools down, slowly at first but rapidly becoming lethal as the fight draws on.

High mobility characters may have more success avoiding his relatively short range rather than directly fighting him, particularly with an un-deflectable beam attack, Genji may struggle against a back-line protected by Vector, although the safety of a med-pack is much more viable to these characters.

His ult can be used to break open a bunker and force his way forward, being able to one shot someone with the initial impact and then starve an area out with the following gas. Smart opponents will seek to destroy the canister earlier however, or avoid it entirely, akin to a Mei or Torb ult. Those stuck with a goo-binding though might not get the chance.


Way too op.


Thanks for reading tho bruh, appreciate it.


hmm 30k damage thou. Why not cap it? Like im sure the game will just crash.


I wouldn’t disagree with a cap, I would disagree with the crashing part though. Theoretical damage is all well and good but it usually means nothing in game. Road’s ult does about 5000, with a ana boost, orisa ult and with every hit being a crit, thats 20000 damage right there.