High ping lately


same here ,it’s seems blizzard fixed it


Having the same issue here as well, every 5 or so seconds I seem to freeze for 1 second even in practice range. Only happened since summer games update; checked settings, uninstalled and reinstalled with no change


Looks good for me as well, thank you!


You’re going to a Paris data center now, instead of the Dutch one with the broken routing.


Are you going through Paris instead of Amsterdam too?


Is there any update on this?
I’m still getting 110ms


I have the same issue lately ever since the Bastet update. I think I saw one night when i was getting on the game after Winston’s aninated short where it was basically saying there are latency and disconnection issues they’re working on. But it hasnt changed for me, and it has come to the point where the game is just unplayable now… and I have tried everything, thinking it came from my connexion. But as I play with my friends on OW, they’ve been saying they’re experiencing the same problem only on OW as well…