How DARE you Blizzard


Blizzard can burn in hell for what they’re doing to Hong Kong


Liberate hong kong! Revolution of our time! #boycottblizz


Can you guys stop spamming this? Blizzard hasn’t done anything, and posting here is not going to achieve anything. If you actually cared about HK independence you would put your energy into supporting that.


they did do two key things which i think are problematic…

not the fireing of the hows or that competative player being suspended and loosing his price money… that was to be expected.

no the problem is blizzards propaganda ish coolaid appology that flies ion the face the companys self proclaimed values and is damn near trasonous considering its a us company.

the second was the attempted coverup which anyone would know to be pointless because well… its the internet!
blizzard has revealed themselves to be china’s sock puppet…

I think much of the reaction is chock over how much china’s culture war has progressed…

this was a bit like pearl harbor… we can now no longer trust that western companies wont betray the countries they where founded in.

not that that was to big of a surprise given how corporations as inherently psychopathic and amoral.

clearly the whole structure needs to be reworked so corporations wont become a vulnerability in geopolitics.

i mean who want corporation what will slit all our throats for easy money?

Maybe western countries should start going after all the tax loop holes blizzard is using in retaliation…

blizzard pays like 0% tax in some places… combined with this i would say that ad up to being damn near treasonous


I’m going to be honest with you, you are clearly not equipped to understand this situation. This forum has absolutely no connection to international politics either, so I’m not going to get dragged into it.


Easily agitated people might get caught up in the political situation in Hong Kong.

This is actually about access to market.

Just because you’re an American Company doesn’t mean you have to act American.


Mei supports Hong Kong!

Pandaren Stands with Hong Kong.

Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our age!


Keep licking those boots.


That is what China hopes, people not giving a dem until it is too late.


Exactly what China hopes for and Blizzard eagerly follows. That the West does not get involved. That China is free to execute their citizens at will and still maintain good economic relationship with the rest of the world, because they don’t care or don’t want to get involved. I bet you’d sing a different song if your life was on the line.


very good, doing exactly what they want you to do. They want people not to care. The problem in Hong Kong is going to be an international problem if we just turn our backs. And speaking about it on this forum can actually help because it is the big companies who have the power to do much about it. And this furom is great to reach blizzard obviously


Slacktivism at its finest right here. Pat yourself on the back, you did all you could, by making a pointless thread on the forums.

Yet, you will continue to play their game as if nothing happened. Good job.


Saying “but they’re the BAD GUYS!” doesn’t justify attacking a sovereign entity that has committed no crime. As I explained I’m not against HK, I’m just not against Blizzard either… at least not in this case. Insisting that “you’re either with us or against us” is a great way to make everyone turn against you.


This Horse manure community is filled with hypocrites, this game is so dead because of its community, when they ban players for saying things against LGBT or gays or even pepe meme’s it’s all okay… Make up your mind you can not have the best of 2 worlds. Blizzard been limiting freedom of speech since day 1 and no one cared since it created a safe space for the people living in a fake world.


Dig deeper and you will see they have done plentiful crime if it is about human rights and freedom, they are just sneaky that is all. I remember a video where someone tries to elect herself but these man no one knows about tried to hinder the interview by closing the door and barricading the windows.

So yeah is it odd a lot of people don’t want this influence within blizzard ? don’t think so.


i’ve actually stopped playing Overwatch due partly to this but for other reasons.

It is childish to assume things


They went overboard with the punishment but the rules of the tournament are there for something mate. You can’t just go over them just because you want to use someone else’s platform to push your agenda.

You can be wrong or right on the message but thats besides the point. Dont let the blind hate prevail over the facts.