How do I not get reported/banned as a 3800 tank getting put in 4600 games

Hi everyone,

I play tank mostly and have been hovering around 37-3900 for past week or so since I started playing again (peaked 4300~ 5 or 6 seasons ago).

I occassionally get put into really high rank games, normally with one name i recognise from previous super high rank games (I’m talking four people who are top15 or lower).

My profile is open, they can see my rank.

They demand that I play a certain tank otherwise they will report me, whilst giving me loads of abuse for not being a higher rank. I comply and play said tank.

Each game, eventually we lose a fight, as soon as we do they begin blaming me and telling me im master trash, which I am. They tell me I’m throwing when in fact I’m a 3800 tank playing in a 4600 game. I mute the ones shouting and continue playing until the end of the game comes and I see the enemies and others who were quiet saying “yes we will report” or similar. Suggesting the toxic people I’ve muted are demanding reports.

The guys name I recognise will say “yeah he throws every game i see him”

I added two guys in top20 healer queue, I said im literally playing like a mid master tank why are you reporting me for sabotage and they just say you deserve to be banned cos you cant play “tank name here”. Like what, I dont understand, if i was good enough to stand out in a 4600 game i wouldnt be stuck in mid master would I.

I know its these 7 or 8 really high rank games that got me banned because im clearly being reported by everyone as they all type it and let me know im getting mass reported.

I’ve made a ticket but I dont think “being put in too many 4600 games at 3800 and being false reported for not being good enough” will get me unbanned though.

And if i keep playing I will eventually be permabanned because I can’t suddenly play like a 4600 tank when i get put in those games.

Should I just not play?

Yes, you should do exactly that. Getting banned because this game is dead and it doesn’t have a playerbase anymore is Blizzard’s fault, not yours.
The automatic report system drove away lots of players.

Losing a game far outside your rank doesn’t penalise you as much, so it’s really only those guys’ problem if they harass you.

People reporting you in one game won’t do anything, and I think the game tracks reports from groups together. If you get banned you were consistently a problem across multiple games… the game even warns you beforehand, so you would definitely know it was coming.

You can explain the situation to Customer Support, it’s not your fault for being put in these games with this difference in SR not to mention that they can’t threaten with reports if you don’t listen to their demands.

You can counter-report this behaviour, incase you do get falsely actioned you can ticket to Customer Support.