How do you beat a god widow?


Dive doesn’t seem to work since the widow can just run.
Rein/Zar is a joke against a good widow.

The moment you get close to her she either snaps around and headshots you at point blank or grapples a mile away.


Since you are playing in diamond enjoy the cheaters. Well on a serious note if they are not cheating, just gegu blade her, or hanzo storm arrow or DF her butt out of the map. Or huddle up behind orisa shield.




She one shots me out of it.


Winston , dva, genji , tracer, ball , sombra are some of the best counters for widow.


Wrecking ball actually works because you can hide your head hitbox.

In a pure 1v1 situation : a winston won’t beat a GOOD widow. The widow will hit him on his initiation, grapple away, and hit him again on the way out.

In any teamfight, you can counter widow by overrunning her as a team obviously, but I still think it’s BS that she can one-shot every 0.7 sec or so


Go reddit Lucio on her a**, she’ll be scared for her life :laughing:


Tell one of your Dps to go widowmaker and seen as tho you are a tank player put your resource into the Widowmaker when she is about to peak the enemy widow Defence matrix/ winston bubble your widow should win most of them and then go on with your day.

If you are on defence go orisa and shield your widow


Again, excellent advice on how to widow v widow, but how do you counter widow without another sniper?


do the same but with a genji or play triple tank hog/orisa/dva and sit behind the shield many ways you decide how do you counter an orisa without damage?


I’m a bit confused by the wording here…

“how do you counter an orisa without damage?”


Well you are saying that the best counter to another Widowmaker when playing on ladder is another Widowmaker but its like that for bunker also at the moment the team with the most spam wins and bunker is very strong against widowmaker so just sitting behind the shield on heroes that do more damage makes the widowmaker a pretty useless pick.

For example mei/torb hanzo/torb can both contest a widow from behind a shield and are in no danger getting picked from her they also do alot of damage to other barriers making it just put too much pressure on the enemy teams tanks for the widow to stay widow = she has to pick a higher damage hero or legit kill your entire backline which she wont if your hanzo is constantly sonic arrow her.

To beat a widow you dont really have to kill her she can kill 2 of your team and you kill her after that its not really dealing with her you need to make her useless by using the map and barriers.

Also if you are saying its to hard to counter a mercy/widow alone on Winston or Dva then yes it should be like that its like that for every hero pocket by a support Hanzo/Ashe been the worst.


Yeah… It just sucks that widow’s only true hard counter is a full team on her 24/7 or another widow…

It’s the same reason fighting old mercy was boring. You’d have to either run a mercy of your own, or focus her 24/7.


No a Widow on her own you can kill easily with any dive hero or Winston/DVA but mercy with a widow or a team defending the widow it takes the entire team to stop this yes.

This is the same for every other hero pocket by a healer Tracer/Zen Hanzo/Mercy Ashe/Mercy the problem you are having at the moment is the rise of people using aimbots its making you think there is alot more pro widows than there actually is maybe blizzard will fix it soon but its out of control at the moment from diamond-GM just yesterday i faced 6-7 and my friend in masters had around 5 also so its a problem blizzard need to look in to before overwatch ends up like CSGO.

Also i just told you that you can ignore the widowmaker while playing that bunker comp you just need to sonic arrow and spam in her general direction which is what bunker does anyway so there is no real disadvantage from playing that.

Also this goes for all DPS if there is a god tracer in your backline you pretty much have to go tripple support or the tanks need to hard pocket your supports with defence matrix bubbles what is the difference?


That’s true. A widow on her own is defenseless against a well-coordinated dive.

However, most widows have backup in the form of an anti-dive DPS or support healing.


Ye thats why it takes you entire team to counter the widow because the enemy team is working around their widow its the same as a bastion or torb set up behind a bunker comp thats overwatch??

So you dont like how overwatch is played when the team puts resources into one hero?


I guess you could put it that way. I don’t like fighting bastion or torb bunkers because it’s basically a forced 6v1. It’s the same (or at least similar) reason that I hated fighting the original mercy, the whole team would be forced to spend the entire fight focusing her, which was incredibly boring and annoying.

Also, I gotta take a second to mention something :

I seriously respect how you have argued actual good points against mine. I may not agree with them, but it’s hard to find literally anyone who’s willing to make a valid point and argue without getting overemotional about it. Hat’s off to you.


Legit good advice. Wat


I think you need to stop seeing the game as a “1v1” or even “1v2” or anything like that, its a 6v6 game and everyone can contribute. If you just want a simple solution for solo queue I suggest you try to get your team to play dive and go winston. Tell your genji or dva or anyone to go for the widow, as soon as she grapples away you jump on her as winston (or vice versa, you jump in first and they follow up on the grapple).

I used to play a lot of maintank up until 4300 SR and Winston is probably one of my best heroes.

I know that it can be hard to communicate in diamond but if your team isnt helping it will always be rough games. All you can do is play patient and wait for a good opportunity (wait until she uses grapple) and then just jump on her or her healers.

edit: also sometimes widows in diamond try to go for a lot of hookshots so its a free dive on her if she does since she wont have grapple


Its prob just good for lower levels like me, but i like to go Mei, wall up right in front of her and shoot when re positioning or just avoid and go 6v5 on the rest out of line of sight