How do you deal with reaper


Low elo trash here, honestly tell me how to deal with reaper
Plat rank
I tend to play roadhog/winston/lucio



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Reaper is a DPS check. He hard counters all of the tanks and even more so with the changes coming. Its DPS job to kill him before he can close but a lot of dps dont like fighting in team fights and run off on crazy flanks so it makes him powerful. Teamwork is the dreamwork


Use Pharah, Junkrat or anyone who can keep him away from your team with boops and/or lots of area damage. Tracer or Genji can also help because their mobility makes it hard for him to kill them.

CC works too-Flashbang, Doomfist, Shield Bash etc. (Doomfist isn’t the best choice though-his large hitbox means Reaper can two-shot him.) Ana’s bionade cuts off his self-heal and Sombra’s Hack stops him using Wraith Form to escape. For Tanks, D.Va can eat some of the damage with her right-click, Zarya can gain charge from it and Reinhardt can Charge him when he isn’t in Wraith Form, but Reaper hard counters Tanks so playing into him as them is still risky.

Beyond all that, his biggest weakness is his minuscule range, added that his head hitbox is pretty damn large, so a decent Widowmaker or Hanzo can shut him down from a distance.

If nothing else, do not Hook Reaper. Ever. (Matter of fact, I switch off Roadhog if there’s a Reaper on the enemy team because killing the pig gives Reaper so much ult charge.)


Mcree, pharah, a good tracer, a good hog, widowmaker, hanzo, dva, lucio, zenyatta


Hanzo should be a easy deal. Just spam the head.
1 hit solves the issue.

I also like mccree as you could stop a death blossom.
Also stun RMB is a safe kill.


Anything long range can deal with him. Get ana to nade him and he’s less if a threat as well


Pharah will win most 1vs1 fights.

But in a team fight usually the pharah will flank/attack more instead of defending the backline. So most of the times when the reaper jumps behind your tanks you will be to late and the team fight is already over.

What will be better is something that stays in the back next to the healers behind the tanks. Preferable with stun. Like brig and mccree.
And on point defense even a tjorb can do it (dont use e except when reaper shows up, then right click him to death)

And heroes that can knock him away like lucio, (not doom he sucks now), junk, brig, dva, ashe etc… But dont knock away a stunned reaper when a mccree has stunned him and was just doing his right click!!

Or just play heroes that can easily avoid him. He is slow just run away from him with heroes that have speed and then poke at him from range so he has to ghost form away. So with a lucio it is better to boost speed instead of heal when you get jumped. So knockback, then boost speed and get your backline away from him. Or other heroes that have their own speed, like all dive and moira, soldier etc… Soldier is a reaper counter because he can kite him to death. But with lucio speed you can do this with almost all heroes.


Reaper should hard counter 2 of your main heroes, winston and hog, so you’re going to have a hard time unfortunately.

If you are a tank main, that’s fine, you just need to try and avoid reaper, and communicate with your team that you need help with him if you’re in a tough spot

Some heroes that do counter or stop him nicely - any longer range, so pharah, widow
Any enemies with stun or that can negate his ult, so mccree, brig and dva


Mcree, lucio, phara, torb with a turret in the correct place…


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Anti-Nade + Long rage heroes