How to report trolls?



I just had to play with a 4-stack of trolls and wondered: “How can I report them?”
They picked whatever role they wanted to play, no communication was going on, there was a gerneral unwillingness to switch roles and - of course - they blamed me and the other solo player for our losing game - and (probably) reported us for some reason.
That’s 4 unfair reports.

A while ago there was the option to report players for “poor teamplay”.
Why has it been removed?
This would be the perfect report reason.

How can we report trolls like those mentionned above?


Click report?

And avoid them because reporting won’t actually do anything.


Well it does something, I get reported post game for no reasons (logical or based on real stats, because the most toxic players will not wait for screen with cards, to prove them wrong) and it seems to lower my recommendation levels :slight_smile: