How to work with total time elapsed?

Hello, I’m a complete newbie to programming and the workshop in general and I can’t seem to get the match time or total time elapsed option to work. I’m trying to create a hide and seek mode where team two cannot move for one minute to allow hiders to hide. I tried this; “If assembling heroes == True”, “set move speed - all players - team - team 2 - Number - 0.000”, which works. However, to increase the movement speed after one minute has passed I did; “Total Time Elapsed == Number 60.000”, the action being “Set move speed - all players - Team - Team 2 - Number 115.000”, which doesn’t work. Any help?

The reason why your code doesnt work is because every x Frames or Seconds, the workshop scans all your rules. It is very possible that it will not read the code:
"Total Time Elapsed == Number 60.000"
This might not be read when its exactly 60.000. Maybe a few frames/seconds later, but then it won’t trigger anymore cause its probably 60.010.

What you can do is create your own timer. Or do a backup condition like this:

"Total Time Elapsed =< Number 61.000"
"Total Time Elapsed => Number 60.000"

This has a high chance of getting triggered.