I actually think the rank system improved

Hi, I noticed there are alot of complaining topics however I wanted to point out that I feel the rank system actually improved alot compared to ow1. (as a support main)

I have been playing OW for 6 years now and because OW2 is showing statts, I actually learned how to improve my gameplay (mostly as mercy).

Due to the bug, I started in Bronze and quickly found my way to diamond where I feel I belong. (something that was more difficult in ow1 somehow). It is obvious as a solo queuer that I have a bigger impact on a team in 5vs5 compared to 6vs6. In OW1 there were a lot of games where one team would crush the other where as in OW2 I get more of those very tight games where we don’t know who will win until the very end.

Just wanted to share some positivity


Totally agree with you. And it’s good to see people out there enjoying it.

I even managed to do something last night I thought was impossible… Enjoy open queue. Seems the trick is stack with friends and play crazy comps.

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Greetings @Blutra , I completely agree with every your sentence , glad to see people like you and me can be found here and share some positivity :heart::heart: