I am getting same Frame Rate With Higher/Lower Graphics (EGPU)


I am getting quite poor performance in Overwatch, and I don’t think it’s the problem with my graphics card. My setup is

CPU: i7 - 8750H
GPU: RX Vega 64 (egpu)
Ram: 32gb Ram
Storage: 1TB nvme ssd

I’m getting the same FPS in both low and high. (ard 80 to 100 fps). My monitor can support up to 144hz and my graphics card can definitely perform well in other tasks, but for some reason, I am getting poor performance in overwatch. Does Overwatch not support egpu yet?


Did you cap the fps ?


Yes, its capped at 142 fps.


Hello Fusion2481,

Make sure both your operative system and drivers are up to date:

Make sure you deactivate Xbox DVR:

Close background applications to make sure there’s no other program interfering with the game:

Delete the Battle.net Cache folder:

Repair the game:

If the issue persists, please create your DxDiag and MSInfo files:

You can paste the content of each file on a web like Pastebin and provide us with the links. If it doesn’t let you publish your message because of the links, try to paste them using the preformatted text option (</> button).

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