I am quitting after more than 1000 hours. Here's why


but thats what they do, playing bad so they stay in a lower elo to play their mains sometimes and feel superior


There is a condition in my argument. Only if smurfs play properly, they won’t be a problem.


Grow up. There are way more smurfs and boosters in bronze. Get over it and stop crying.


Game is r3tarded memegame now?


There will be smurfs obviously since Overwatch made is £7 to buy the game making it cheaper for high level players to go “you know what I wanna start off fresh cause I know how to play the game”. But the real issue is the speculations of Overwatch becoming f2p cause then levels don’t matter anymore since it’s just gonna be low level t500 or GM right and left, and then the loyal players will leave, then the new players that came along since it’s f2p will leave and then Overwatch will be left with nothing since they can’t manage their game right and listen to their players. If I had a vote I would elect Seagull and XQC as new managers of overwatch


The ranking/laddering means jack squat in Overwatch! It is entirely placed on over all total of team wins and team losses, consecutively to make matters worse! It is by no means a measure of how good you are as a player!


I love this dude but you can’t be serious right now :smiley:


I mean XQC could probably make the game more balanced than any of the other developers in Overwatch, I mean brig and Moira :joy: not to mention reapers new patch coming that’s gonna wipe tanks, the only comps that peoppe can go now is all healer comp cause they can still do butt load of dmagse from Moira, zen and brig. That’s all you need to run, Moira for stupid damage, brig for stun and damage, ana for nano, zen for discord and Lucio for speed. I think the Overwatch team don’t realise that it’s the healers that are the issue with goats and not the tank, so they thought reaper could counter goats better when it just counters all the tanks.