I got banned again heres why


So I got banned again for 1 tricking torb . ok lets say 1 tricking is bannable offense well then U have to ban all widowmaker mains , hanzo manis . mercy mains dont u think?


Why would widow,hanzo and mercy mains should be banned? For maining specific hero? You got banned for One-tricking Torb, not maining Torb.


which itself shouldn’t be bannable. But well, in OW you can be banned for saying gg.


I have 100 h on torb If that is not maining I dont know what is it. I also kept my profile public


Being a one trick of a certain hero and a certain hero being your main are 2 completely different things.

If you main Torb, but you can play other characters when necessary that’s fine. But if you can only play Torb (one trick) that can count as game sabotage.


There is a very thin line between one-tricking and grieving. While one-tricking itself is officially not bannable, there are very good arguments on both sides that can make one-tricking look like grieving.

Before you jump to early conclusions, try to appeal for the penalty first. Maybe this reddit post will help you to convince the GM better:


so by ur own logic all widowmaker mains ,hanzo, and mercy mains . should be banned they never play other heros when the team clearly needs to.


You just said they are mains of those heroes so no.
I just explained the difference.

I main Mercy, but I can play other heroes as well (also different classes) does that mean i should get banned? No. I just like playing her the most, but if we already have enough healers or she isn’t that good for the team comp then I’ll switch.


And this is why designing a game around counterpicking is a terrible idea.
You don’t get to play the characters you want to play, obviously, instead you have to play the character your team needs.

Counterplay > Counterpick

Sorry to hear about your ban but playing only one hero has been proven to be a bannable offense several times now.
So get out there and start playing the things you "should" be playing regardless of wether you enjoy it or not!


One trick Torbjorn banned? No sympathy…


I main Tracer
I only want to play tracer
Every season i’ve played other heroes not exclusively tracer.
Especially when I’m not carrying or pulling my weight i usually swap.

I main Tracer, i’m not a one trick.

I’ve seen supports (mercy) swap bc my team an i killed her to much, she would be throwing if she didn’t switch.


Torbjorn in attack being hard countered is throw pick for me just like someone taking roadhog when we have already offensive tank in defense.


Tbh man, if you see that your one trick is getting countered or not working in certain situations you should be swapping heroes.

We all want to have some fun here, but in ranked the least you can do is being a teamplayer and ditch the ego that it’s ok for you to one trick and that the 5 other players just have to deal with it.

What you do in qp no one cares about, but in ranked teamplay is of the utmost importance.
Imho you seem really selfish if you only care about your own fun even if it means that other players have to lose sr because of your one trick pick.

You can point at other one tricks, but there is no logic in that, everyone should be doing this regardless the heroes we are talking about.
It’s like you are saying, what he does is not ok so I am gonna do it myself too… be the better person.


I have seen posts like these many times.

Usually the reason given by blizzard is not one tricking but not wanting to switch when your team is asking for it.
One tricking is allowed. But if the teams thinks you are not effective enough on it or it doesn’t work with the team tactics, they are allowed to ask you to swap.
(the team, not one person) . If you don’t change , it means you are a bad team player. Working against the team that is trying to win… So trolling.
Trolling isn’t allowed.


Whenever I see a player with 10+ hours on torb, symm and other situational picks on current season and no other heroes, I’ll just report them immediately for game sabtoage no matter what they do during the game. Maybe that is why you are getting banned.
For obvious reasons I would not do the same with a dva otps.


Uh… you are aware that you confessed publicly to false report players, don’t you?


Hope that’s not addressed to me, I wouldn’t wanna do such thing.

Btw there cannot be false reporting when you leave it up do the players to decide if someone should be reported/banned or not.
But yeah trust me on that. Reporting someone for throwing/trolling comp games isn’t flase reporting no matter the point of view you approach it.
(Just in case you askI’ve explained why otping at such extend = throwing in a full thread)


Blizzard has the last verdict and their verdict is that one-tricking is not a bannable offense, especially when you report them before the game even starts. Your reports aren’t justified and thus false reports.

You can’t talk yourself out of this. You admitted that you report someone solely based of their hero main, which is not a valid reason. You know who else did that?


I started all this based on that incident. While I don’t type “fu” in the report card everything else he did was very correct and gj to him that he did this in public so people can follow him. It takes guts to be him. A lot of guts.

I didn’t try to get out of this.

I admited to report someone for throwing / otping and not just someone but quite a few. Not for their hero preferences but for their unwillingness to compete (or for their willingness to derank).

I see this on your other posts as well and I’ve told you before. We all know the rules. This is a forum page, you are not a law enforcer. Yes, sometimes it helps people to just link them the tos page or remind them a rule but you are suposed to give your personal opinion on the topic. Do what you think is right and good for the future of overwatch. If people didn’t give their opinion brig would be untouched/broken, pharmercy would be still dominating the meta and xQc would be permabanned from streaming ow.


It still doesn’t neglet the fact that you are false reporting. Well… It brings little to no value to call it out but I sense some kind or ridiculousness. I mean… reporting someone because they have 10+ hours on symmetra? Come on!

At least report them for their actual gameplay not for their player profile!