I hate this game be no rank up after 7 wins why rules 7wins or 20 loses if not work ? :)

7 wins and still plat - how this system work ? (btw happend this three time :slight_smile: thx blizzard for waste time … get us ow1 back - because it works ) (7:0 , 7:6, 7:4 - win:lose)

OW2 works, it works in pretty much exactly the same way, just visually you don’t see it (which is the bad part).

Imagine it was OW1

  • if you went 7:6 in a session at your rank… you’d of gone up by at most 25sr
  • 7:4 that would only be at most 75sr

And this is assuming you are performing better than your peers in every game. So logically it would have been noticeably less than those figures.

You can work from there in your own situation. But remember, performance weights a lot more than wins and losses now.

most healing done form 4 supports :confused: yeah performance ^^in almost every game xD no thats not working trust me :slight_smile: and nice silent score 7:0 :slight_smile: thats was most confused i was in gold 1 and move to gold 1 xD - than do 7:6 and again gold 1 than do 7:4 i think and finally plat 5 and today 7:4 and plat 5 again xD ) - you can watch me at twitch → warcha0s666 i can show you how it doesnt work - sorry for bad english but i think you understand i dont want be angry at you but OW2 was mistake try take fortnite idea and take cash :confused: loot box system was better and more funny - only one good think was save rank from ow1 to ow2 thats good idea - spend hours was not wasted xD

Beating the people in the same game as you isn’t the same as performing.

You need to perform above average for your rank.

OW2 is a much better game than OW1, but sadly the visualisation of the ranks is terrible, and us the players are clueless at the best of times.

I don’t care about the monetisation. They can charge what they like the in shop, I never go in there to look.

okey thats your opinion :slight_smile: talk to other players stuck in bronze 5 or Potg when someone only die and you see nothing :slight_smile: its still beta version masked on alpha game but thx for conversation :slight_smile:

I’d rather review to VODs and go from there.

People tend to misremember things, we all do it. I’ll do something in game, think it was some amazing piece of aiming… Watch it back, and it is just slow, clunky and only pulled it off because the enemy screwed up.

We know it is only a glorified beta right now, that’s why it is called “early access”.

Btw, that isn’t my opinion. I won’t state my opinion on here. People will get upset.

STOP PLS :slight_smile: - early acces ? where ? i didnt see it :confused: its normal game out . Nice try on defend OW2 but … we both said visualisation is bad - so still they dont have completed game . why they dont save sr system ? and when in rules is wrotten 7 wins or 20 loses why not work it like that ? this game is worse than ow1 after works basics which they set like 7-20 or potgs (not personal problem ) than maybe we can ask it good game :slight_smile: yeah talking my agry part which dont rank up after 14 wins to plat and 7 wins to plat 4 atleast :slight_smile: sr system was better and OW1 too and btw they works on beta 2 years ? i dont think so - if they do, they might take more people inside to help complete it . just we see if in future will be game better but now … idk if i want play it again :slight_smile: WOW works better - SUPPORT system little sleep but yeah thats problem of blizzard and not game :slight_smile: sorry for talking about all but thx to have me last word :slight_smile: if dont i want resend you some informations to got you better view - like florida problems, changing HEAD lead of blizzzard and why or when was release date of OW2 and how funny looks when they move it and move it and still got problems. I know its not easy job but do it like every company if it works dont change it :slight_smile: - sr system :slight_smile:

No it is just early access. The full game is when the PvE releases.

What we have now wasn’t meant to be release until next year, along with the rest of the game.

But OW1 was making no money and they needed to do something to stop the game dying on its feet. Hence we get PvP early.

I would suggest reading the dev updates they released just before launch. They will explain exactly why they did the things you are asking. It was all here:

beta - 2022 july
live - 2022 oct
today - 2022 nov ? :confused: so live means beta ? if beta goes up in july ? idk xD
sorry dont want waste time to aargue you :slight_smile: OW1 was better and thats all :slight_smile:
in my country we said: ‘’ what is written is given’’ and thats not working at OW2 i might start play when it goes better try give them another year :slight_smile: btw you are admin or someone rly bored ?

Beta is not early access. We are in early access, not beta.

OW1 was not better lol.

OW1 works :slight_smile: instead OW2 which have problems after 2 years from called income

Overwatch 2 works. But it has ways for them to actually make money.

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Yeah old skins for unreal money nope OW2 doesnt work :slight_smile: sr system was better and OW1 was better xD and yeah you must be admin if you talk about money if is their first what they want for not working game :slight_smile: - try repair 7-20 system and maybe than reply :slight_smile:

SR system hasn’t gone, it’s just hidden and displayed differently.

Yeah I must be admin because I won’t buy anything from them… Logic lol

mate you are funny :slight_smile: ready it again i dont say nothing about buy only you must be admin because you protect ow2 and hiden system ? xD and i am gone you win i dont want waste time with stupid people :slight_smile: which use logic argue without logic context :slight_smile: thx for waste time

I’ve never protected it.

It’s just better than OW1. And now they can make money from it, so we can all have a better game to play.

Hidden MMR used in match making has years worth of data to prove that it’s fine.