I live in a place with poor internet connection


I live in a rural village in Ukraine. Sometimes the internet slows down to a point where i lag out of the servers, but usually it comes back. Recently it seems like everyone just reports me in the minute i’m gone, even though i often come back and we even sometimes win. I get that I have to lose 50 sr, I used to play on a potato laptop before and I would lose sr the same way, but the game is giving me giant suspensions now. Just kind of a lame situation.


The more you get disconnected and not come back in the 2 mins time frame the higher your suspension will get to the point you get banned. Try changing your internet provider or stop playing otherwise it will get worse ><.


best not to play comp when you know you’re going to be a liability…

i know it sucks to have crap internet but playing comp when knowing you’re going to disconnect is kinda throwing imo


It’s a really bad situation, and you don’t really have any way out of it, but objectively: do you think that it’s a good idea for you to play competitive? Do you think it’s fair? Because you will be better than your SR (which you lose with DCs), so either you’re a big help to a team that gets you, or you’re a giant liability. No matter which of those two it is, it’s not fair to half the people playing in that game. With that in mind, it’s actually rather reasonable for them to report you - because you know the risks and endanger them anyway.

Just play other game modes, you won’t get punished in the same way there.