I will post a Genji each day until

  • He gets more Ammo (urgent)
  • His Dash cd is changed to 7 or his ultimate uptime goes back to 8 sec

ASCII Art didn’t work as expected :slightly_frowning_face:


And lets give him dual miniguns and a jetpack. And add a nuke strike on his shurikens. That should balance him.


Yes, let’s buff the hero that has the one of the 3 highest (adjusted*) pick rates in the entire game.

Meaning that the average DPS hero (in a 2-2-2 which is where we average) is picked 2.08% of the time while Genji is picked 1.88 times as often. Only Rein and Ana are overpicked more than their peers (2.01 and 1.91 respectively).


Omg mad lol for real :joy::joy::joy:


Genji is fine, does not need any buffs


well, we do need more counter-snipers right now.
however, this would give no hero in any role a chance against him.


I don’t even play the game. I am in forums for lulz :rofl:


Seems that both of your problems would be fixed if you could just … aim