I won 7 games and 2 lose and dident ranked up

I am a Gneji main , and really good with it , im in bronze
i was bronze 5 first then got bronze 3 and then deranked to bronze 5 again :expressionless: im really a good player who playing well , dying less and always with the team
but please some one tell me , why im in bronze ?
i bealive i am platnium or gold
please fix the ranking system
its so broken

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You have presented somewhat contradictory information here.

Because, sadly, you are wrong. You are in bronze, because that is your level. If you truely believe you are gold/plat… you wouldn’t be losing any games in Bronze playing Genji

you really bealive the ranking system working very well ?
my account created in season 13 of ow1 and in the past of my acc i was bronze and noob
but now im better
i matches i carrying the whole team and win
but still im bronze 5
The ranking system of the game judges you based on your past rank and gives you a rank. Is this correct?

Why I have feeling that u are total noob :smiley: silver in any other comp game? You are no that smart, so stop acting like u are! This rank system is utter shet! But, looks like you are too stupid to understand the simple fact!

It is working. That’s all that it needs to do.

You want to prove that you are good, drop some game codes and show that you’re playing well above bronze.

Honestly, I wish I was in bronze/silver. The games would be more fun, just slapping people about.

Just because you think something, doesn’t mean you are right. Sadly, a lot of people think they are better than they really are. They then claim everything is wrong when they don’t get the rank they assume they deserve.

You can always share some codes so someone could watch your replays and give you some tips :wink:

And one more thing, I see people in bronze who are either smurfs or they play so well that they are not at bronze level like me.
And it should be taken into account that it is a team game and the team may be against you and you may lose or screw up.
So even a top 500 player loses at least 2 out of every 10 matches.

So then you should be hard carrying, and even again the smurf (doubt), you should stand out like a sore thumb on your team too.

If not, then you’re in the right rank. Time to hit the gaming gym and work on those mechanics and game sense.

Ok then Thanks!
But im sure the ranking system is absolute poop…

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There are better ones, there are worse ones. This one is fine, nothing ridiculous about it. Ranks just need to settle more.

As a response on the title, I saw this video the other day that could explain it: 21 WINS IN A ROW MADE ME DERANK - Overwatch 2 Ranked - Update Guide - YouTube

It basically says that the rounds before your 5 wins/2 losses you had more losses. The system ranked you already lower then you actually were.


But if you are not bronze, and playing in bronze lobbies. You will not lose many, if any.

You will stand out, even if there is a smurf on the enemy team. And winning and losing isn’t the key factor now, it is performance. So if you are massively out performing your rank, and going say 7-3… you should jump up quickly.

he isnt the only player on the team , losing as 1 player of a 5 man team , your comment makes no sense , if the other 4 are clueless then 1 player isnt going to make much difference ,

do we really know how the mm works , if its based on performance then a lot more people would be ranking up .

It’s bronze.

All 10 players will be clueless.

He claims he has the skill to play in gold/plat… he should be able to farm blade and win fights on his own.

Matchmaker and ranking are different things. Match maker works off your MMR which is working fine. A lot of the confusion around ranks just comes from how the game is displaying them and the visual progress being poor.

but not necessarily the match ,

I’m not worried about the match. If he’s hard carrying fights he’ll be winning enough games anyways.

If you are bronze and not climbing, it’s because you are bronze. There is nothing more to it really. It isn’t that complicated.

Honestly, youre not the only one. I won 7 lost 4 and got demoted. I won 7 lost 1 and got promoted 1 rank. Its trash.

It isn’t. It is working fine.

The issue is how it’s visually presented to the player and explained. The system is working, we just don’t see it.