Im so done with comp


I’m most likely going to play more, but…I CANT WIN. I’m in gold and was 2469, close to plat. Then it hits me a bad loose streak. so i quit playing for a few days. When i come back i win 2 then loose 5 in a row. And to top that off Last game a teammate said “TRYING TO get lower to play with friends” I solo queue i’m now 2162. I am a very good(for gold standers) main tank and good support. I don’t play any dps, and can’t. I’ll answer any question, but can i have some suggestion. also i have climbed really fast. I play ~8hr week. Also i call out and have learned not to ramble on.


i have had the same issue as you with comp, so i just quite playing comp entirely because i kept going down, i was in platinum but thanks to players playing poorly/ negatively i went down to gold. i got so fed up that i was not able to go back to gold that i entirely quite playing comp forever.
So sorry i can’t help you here.


Post a vod for review if you want tips to improve.

Sadly though, the game is a slot machine. You pull the handle and your skill is how many nudges you get.

The matchmaker is a joke and most games are decided by which team has fewer morons on it.

One game I end up barely 1-1 kd. Next game I go 33-2 kd as the enemy are the morons feeding all game.

Biggest skill I’m learning is when to hero swap.
If I’m tank but team wants to feed without me, I swap to dps.
If I support and nothing dies on enemy team, I dps.

OW is a 1v11 game. You sometimes need to play as if your team mates are actively trying to sabotage you.

Even in high gold grouping up and using barriers is mystic GM level tech for some.


Your personal skill is completely up to you. Whether you get good teammates or not is a slot machine. I’m assuming when you said “skill” you meant “skill rating”


No, I meant your own skill.

In gold I’d get 10 nudges. Kabaji got 1000 on his Anubis game as he went full try hard Tracer and got 86% kp.

His team was dire, but he pretty much solo carried. I’m not skilled enough to do that…


Stop thinking that you can’t and start thinking you can do everything, its better to find out much later when you can’t do something then to start assuming you can’t right now without trying, you can achieve lot more then you think this way even reach GM.


That means his q range would be 1162 that seems really unlikely that his friends are that much lower. Sounds like a laim excuse to me for being bad.

I can guarantee you, if you play better than the average player in your games, you will climb!

Btw the chances of getting a thrower, terribly bad teammate or onetrick on your team, is lower than on the enemy team. Keep that in mind.