Impossible to win a game at the weekend?

Impossible to win a game at the weekend??? So many throwers and leavers it’s insane!!! Keep getting gold kill and damage with healer, but not because not healing or tanking gold kill with 3 in 2 round gold damage with 2.5k etc. wtf is going on???
Stop saying it’s the one person who is posting not playing good enough, 'cos it’s simply not true.

i must agree with you. i have found that playing on the weekend means you run into most of the throwers ( if not all the throwers) and lose constantly.
there are times where players blame dps for it when it was not there fault( i mainly play dps and get blamed even when i get gold and sliver medals).
i even had healers that are not healing when they should have, tanks not really shielding and just running in stupidly into the other team.
i have left games not because of throwing but i can’t stand the amount of players constantly grouping up onto the same singled out player all the time and team mates who do nothing but complain or just don’t bother to help when they should have.
Honestly my ranks goes way down on the weekend but through out the week it stays up where it should be.

screw comp completely i got ban form it when it should have been my team mates getting ban from comp from playing so badly (which was throwing by the way) and the enemy team kept cornering and grouping me all because my teams mates just died and did nothing to help.


So, you are losing all games right? But you opponents are WINNING, and you’ve answered you question. Impossible to LOSE games this weekend for people who are playing and not blame the fate, leavers, trolls and bad stars location on the sky. Stop crying.

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There’s a few problems:

  • The number of players rises dramatically over the weekend so you have a higher chance of getting worse players/ players better than yourself on either team.
  • You’re freaking yourself out badly due to the above reason and tilting your games before you start. This is pretty common gaming anxiety.